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Why artificial sweeteners can actual do more harm than good…

Today most of the people are aware about the adverse effects of obesity and the pain and suffering that follows due to obesity.  An obese person not only becomes the centre of ridicule but also faces many types of physical and health problems. At present maximum number of people throughout the world is on the look out for gathering all the information and knowledge regarding the methods and techniques that they should adopt for maintaining a fit and healthy body and developing six packs abs. Most of us feel that doing regular exercises and workouts will result in weight loss and develop six pack abs.

Most of the time we tend to forget that, there are other factors, which lead to weight gain and one of them is the daily use of artificial sweeteners in the drinks that we use for quenching our thirst. Nowadays, you will find that most of the people, including children have developed a craze for aerated waters and soft drinks that contain artificial sweeteners but are devoid of any kind of nutrients required by your body. Although, the cool sweet taste of these drinks may provide temporary pleasure and satisfaction but in the end, they have intense adverse effect on the body as the carbonated drinks makes you put on weight rather than help in weight loss.

The drinks and desserts prepared with artificial sweeteners not only have harmful effects on the hormonal secretion in the body but also have harmful effects on the smooth functioning of the body.  All your attempts of attaining six packs abs through weight loss will prove futile if you have the habit of using artificial sweeteners, whether it is in your drink or in any other kind of food item that you are consuming. Many people believe in the gimmicks that if they use the soft drinks or beverages that has low amount of synthetic sweeteners then they will not face the harmful effects.

You should not forget that any synthetic material that reaches inside the body would have harmful side effects whether consumed in small amount or large amount. The best way to maintain a fit and healthy body is to avoid all types of artificial sweeteners and in place of that use natural sweeteners like honey, fruit juice or any other sweetening derived from natural sources. You can supply your body with the liquid that it requires daily by drinking lots of water and consuming fruits or fresh fruit juice.

You can also include fresh fruit juice or cool drinks made with fresh lime and honey, which is also helpful in maintaining your ideal weight as it helps in weight loss, which is the prime requirement for developing six packs abs and maintaining it throughout life. Natural products do not have any harmful effect on the body. On the contrary, it helps in providing all the essential nutrients to the body and aids in cleansing the toxins from the body. This helps the body to absorb more nutrients from the food that you eat and provide energy to the body, which you need for performing your exercises and workouts for developing six packs abs.

Thus, bringing in a little change in your lifestyle and abstaining from all kinds of bad habits will help you to maintain a healthy body. It will also help you to get the desired result for which you are attempting and that is an attractive personality with a slim waistline, flat stomach, and ripped six packs abs and help in retaining that attractive look throughout life. If you want to lead a healthy and happy life, you have to take a firm decision and adopt the habits, which will give you overall benefit in the future.

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Dr. Michael Allen
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