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What Makes Protein Smoothies Worth The Price

Every day seems to bring a new diet or a new trend in eating or drinking. Each one is supposed to be healthier than the last, but many turn out to be pure fluff or simply inefficient. However, a good protein smoothie is one thing you can rely on for known, quantified effects on the body. If used wisely, they can help you get healthier, and we’re going to tell you exactly why that is.

One of the first things you’ll notice about these smoothies is that they’re unusually filling. While you can drink a cup of coffee and still crave a proper breakfast to go with it, one properly-made protein smoothie will fill you up for at least a few hours. Because of this they can effectively replace a meal at any time of the day. If you have an appropriate container you can even take them with you wherever you happen to roam.

Another great benefit is that they’re extremely easy on the digestive system. Being mostly liquid, they can be absorbed into the body easily. Waste elimination is similarly no great hassle, unlike the problems associated with spicy or fried food. If you have a sensitive stomach, starting your day with a smoothie instead of fried eggs is less likely to give you nausea.

They’re also incredibly simple to adjust and tweak. Do you want your smoothie less strong? Add in some water to dilute it. Do you want it powerful? Ditch the water altogether! Need more protein without adding real food in? Mix in a protein supplement powder. Diary, fruit, vegetable, even meat… all sorts of protein smoothies are possible, and you should feel free to customize your own to your personal likings.

Due to the aforementioned flexibility in ingredients and quantities, how good a protein smoothie is for you will depend on the individual recipe. But something the good ones all have in common is the fact that they provide you plenty of protein-based energy throughout the day, while not loading you down with fat or overly unhealthily elements. Since there’s no cooking involved, even otherwise unhealthy ingredients can become healthy in their raw, pristine states. Instead of burning away all the nutrients, you get every last drop into your body to fuel it. This makes protein smoothies a very efficient fuel source.

Although those aren’t the only benefits to a protein smoothie, they are the biggest ones. So by now, if you’re interested in trying a smoothie of your very own, try a base of ice with milk or juice, and berries or fruits for flavor. This will result in a traditional protein smoothie that will help introduce you to the world of protein-based beverages gently yet flavorfully.

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