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Tips To Check How Fit You Are

If you’ve ever wanted to give yourself a rigorous test, I’ve got a great challenging routine for you. Just read all of this and you will see that this is a complex circuit with ten exercises using your body’s weight and amount twenty minutes. This is split into a novice level and I am advanced level. The beginner will do 10 reps of each complex and the advanced person will do 20.

Begin by doing the prison squat with each hand to the back of the head, dropping down to the squat and pushing back up. Next do some push-ups with your hands closed.

After that, get out your ball and do leg curls with it. Make sure you have a good bridge with your thighs as you curl the ball forwards and backwards.

Next use that same stability sphere to perform jack knives with one leg.

Split your repetitions evenly on both sides If the one leg jackknife is too difficult just go ahead and do the regular jackknife.

Also keep in mind you can do these with hands on a bench or on the ground.

Next do diagonal lunging. You want to step through the outside as you point your feet to the front.

You should feel your groin stretch with this as you go directly downward and force yourself up.

Next pickup with upside down rows with each palm facing you.

Next do the grasshopper variety push-up as you swing a leg beneath you lower yourself and then let it swing outward. Do leg raises with those side plank from the normal side plank posture.

You need to do some spider climbing starting from the push-up position. To complete the challenge by doing stationary runs. This was just one time through. Keep going through this series as many times as possible for the allotted time.

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Dr. Michael Allen
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