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Three Rules to Live By for Getting Rid of Fat

1 – Eat less, more often. It’s only natural for people to want to eat to fill moments. The very act of eating is enjoyable all by itself, which is why the market has things like chewing gum and beef jerky in it. So take advantage of those, and deliberately reduce your rate of consumption. By dragging meals out over time when possible, you get to enjoy them longer, which makes it easier to eat less overall. If this isn’t possible for your current environment, try water bottles, gum, and other long-lasting items that will keep your mouth busy without being inappropriate.

2 – Get out and do something. With more and more activity being centered around computers and other stationary items, it’s hard to make yourself get any physical activity. But this is vital to human wellbeing, and you can’t lose weight by starving yourself to make up for not burning calories. Instead of driving, ride a bicycle or walk whenever possible. It’s good for your body, and good for your budget. Try to come up with reasons to get yourself to get up and move, no matter how flimsy. Throw away your remote control, and get up and change that channel the hard way, if that’s what it takes!

3 – Keep your spirits up. Believe it or not, loss of morale is a huge offender that keeps people from sticking to their diets and exercise regimens. Fight this enemy off before it even attacks by giving yourself perky background music, enjoyable but healthy snacks, and decorations that boost your mood. Keep your mood positive, and you’ll have fun being healthy. Let your mood slide into negativity, and every little attempt to drop a pound or two will seem far harder than it really is. Remember that your mind, as part of your body, is a major influence on everything else you do. Your fitness has to start with your mind, and spread to the rest of your body from there.

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Dr. Michael Allen
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