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The Three Best Exercises to Lose Weight Effectively and Enjoyably

There are some ways to move your whole body that are great for dropping pounds, as well as being fun. Exercise being enjoyable is important, since it helps make the time fly and makes the whole routine less of a chore and more of a fun hobby. If you try some of these fun suggestions out, you might find that getting to your ideal size isn’t as hard as you thought.

1 – Dancing! This recommendation comes with a big caveat – not just any dancing will do. You’re obviously not going to get much of a workout from a slow waltz or tango. To truly lose weight while dancing, you need to engage in fast dances over reasonable durations. While you may be tired and sweaty by the end, don’t worry, everyone else on the club floor is no better off. If this sort of thing appeals to you, there are many venues for it, especially in urban areas. If you’re more of a private person, you can still try out dancing as exercise by enjoying Dance Dance Revolution and similar dance-based video games in your home.

2 – Swimming! If you’ve ever watched the Olympics, you’re fully aware of how great an accomplished swimmer looks. It’s really not so hard to achieve that kind of sculpted body, though. Swimming makes it natural to exercise every major muscle in your body, unlike many other exercises that are limited to specific parts. It’s also an excellent way to cool off during a hot summer, and has many variations that allow you to personalize your participation to suit you.

3 – Racquetball or tennis! It’s easy to let time fly by when you’re running from one end of the court to the other trying to catch that speeding ball. These activities keep you in steady motion, and improve coordination and aiming as well as your general stamina and strength. They’re cheap to get started at, too – a decent cheap racquet and a ball can be bought for twenty or thirty dollars total. They’re also sports you can enjoy alone, or with other people, whichever you prefer.

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