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The Right Machines to Get Your Abs Bursting with Defined Power

Any good gym will be equipped with a seemingly endless array of confusingly complex workout machines, each one different from the next. These are all useful for different parts of the body, but the body part most of us care about is the abdomen. If you need some help figuring out which machine to use for the six-pack you’re longing for, just read along and we’ll show the way.

One machine to begin with is the captain’s chair. It has numerous other names, such as the knee raise machine (or station) and the power tower. You can recognize it by its appearance, which includes a trim seat and handles that are similar to high chair arms. The machine is occupied and the knees are raised repeatedly with the strain being put on one’s core, thus exercising the abs.

Another piece of equipment you can easily afford to own to help your abs out is the exercise ball. With prices of ten to forty dollars, they’re some of the cheapest equipment you can get. A number of different exercises for the abs can be done with them, if you don’t mind the slightly undignified postures required.

And for a second cheap option, there’s the ab roller. This consists of a wide curled bar that encompasses the body and projects into a pair of handles. Think of it as a sit-up ‘helper’ since most of the exercises using it are performed in a similar way. MOst ab rollers have low twenty dollar price tags.

As a final example, there’s the torso track. This long, flat sliding metal equipment allows you to stretch out atop it, grip the handles, and slide your body with the handles up and down the length of the track. It’s one of the easiest ways to get in lots of reps, if your ego needs the boost. Torso tracks are a bit more expensive, but not generally so much so as a captain’s chair machine.

But even with the very best equipment, your abs can only get as strong as you help them to be. Besides willpower and a time investment, you also need sleep, energy, and nutrition to fuel the shedding of fat and the growth of muscles. And remember to not strain yourself by working over the same body part every single day. Following these simple tips when you get on the machine or equipment of your choice will help you get the most out of it, to soon attain the abs you dream of.

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