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The important things you MUST know about carbs. Are they really that bad?

The modern concept of health consciousness means that you have to maintain a slim and trim body along with a flat stomach and a slim waistline, which will also help in displaying the natural six packs abs gifted by nature to every human being irrespective of age and gender. In your youth, you did not face any trouble in maintaining this type of body as most of the time you were successful in burning the total calorie intake throughout the day. The actual problem started when you stepped on the threshold of middle age as your life became sedentary but on the other hand; your intake of calories did not reduce. At this stage, advisors told you to reduce the calories by reducing the intake of food items containing high percentage of carbohydrate.

This is a situation, which most of us face at one stage of life, when our efforts of weight loss fail, but the main concern is the fact that our body needs all types of nutrients for functioning efficiently. Metabolic action is a part of your body’s functioning as your body produces the energy through this action so that you can perform your daily work efficiently. It is a well-known fact that your body needs carbohydrate for its metabolic functioning, so you have to intake some amount of carbohydrate, which your body will use for providing you the required stamina and energy. If you eliminate the food items that contain this important nutrient, you will deprive your body from producing the energy that it requires for other internal functions.

Another problem that arises due to lack of carbohydrate in the body is the problem of hypoglycaemia, which means that the level of sugar falls in the body, which can lead to coma or other fatal consequences. This stage occurs in the body, as insulin secreted in your body requires carbohydrate to act on it and turn it into glucose, which supplies the energy. Of course, the extra glucose is stored in the body in the form of fat, which leads to obesity. In such a situation, you have to find out about the exact amount of glucose, which your body needs for proper functioning and the best sources of obtaining the required amount of daily glucose.

You may think that intake of any kind of food item containing glycogen will supply with the required amount of glucose to the body. Thus, you increase your intake of food items containing high amount of glycogen and in the process foil all your attempts of weight loss. You have to find out about the different types of food items considered as good or bad source of glucose content. Most of us have the idea that consuming breads and processed food is a good source of supplying the body with the required amount of glucose. On the contrary, these food items contain high percentage of glycogen, which is higher than your body’s requirement.

The extra calorie gets stored in the form of fat, especially in your stomach area. This layer of fat hides your natural six pack abs and no matter how hard you try to burn it as a part of your weight loss program you fail in your attempt as your intake is much higher than your capacity of burning the extra calorie that you have supplied to your body. If you want to maintain your attractive personality throughout life then you have to develop the habit of eating a diet, which does not contain cereals or processed products. You should include food items like sweet potato, fruits, and vegetables in your diet so that you can supply your body with all the essential nutrients.

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