POINT it's not a new diet pill that will "miraculously" cause you to drop 15 pounds in 2 days
POINT it's not a new weight loss gimmick... this "flat belly cheat" has been used successfully for 50 years.
POINT it's not boxed food that restricts your calories

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The Absonic Belt - A Gimmick, Or A Free Ticket To Great Ab Muscles?

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Posted by Dr. Charles D.C.

Just one of many products that promise to give you something for almost nothing, the Absonic Belt is intuitive, cheap… and worth it? You be the judge! We’ll just give you the facts to let you make a decision. The design is pretty easy to understand – you simply apply a gel and wear the belt to enjoy stimulation of your abs. The product can be worn under your clothes with a reasonable amount of discretion, enabling you to keep it on for long periods of time without being noticed for it. At an average price of under twenty dollars, the Absonic Belt doesn’t have to do much to earn its money’s worth back. But does it?

Let’s begin with what this product CANNOT do. The Absonic Electronic Massage Belt will show pretty much zero results on anyone who is even moderately overweight. This is because no matter what your ab muscles look like, they can’t develop enough to extend past the layers of fat on your abdomen. So if you’ve got a spare tire around your middle, you should think about eating right and getting a bit of exercise regularly before you spend money on the Absonic Belt.

It’s also not a replacement for serious, dedicated ab exercises. The Absonic Belt exercise, insofar as it can be called that, is simply something to be done passively in between your actual workouts. Too many customers have tried to replace exercise with just the belt, and disappointed themselves expecting too much. Don’t ask for more than the device can give.

For the purpose of serving as a supplement to your exercise routine, however, the belt works reasonably well. It allows you to keep your ab muscles engaged and toning even when you’re sitting at a desk working or otherwise unable to exercise. While it does require a fair amount of gel to be comfortable, and needs semi-regular cleaning, other than these limitations it’s no more encumbering than the average piece of clothing. With a reasonable amount of adjustable settings through intensity levels and programs, it has the flexibility to suit any user.

If there is any level of unprofessionalism to the product, it lies in the lack of proper, thorough documentation. There simply isn’t that much information provided, and while a minute or so researching online tells you what you need to know, it’s a bit silly that a customer would need to do that in the first place. But that aside, this belt is a great product for what it does, especially given the low price.

If you are going to buy this, make sure that you are following a regular diet and exercise program like fat loss factor to help you to get rid of that excess belly fat. This, in my opinion, is the quickest way to lose weight.