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Stress Is The Dieters Enemy

While I watched the show the Biggest Loser the other night, I heard one of the trainers say that if you are stressed, it can cause you to gain weight. The stress you feel can cause many things. Most of these things are not healthy for your body. Stress can cause you to retain water which means it is harder to lose weight even if you are dieting and exercise. Stress can also effect your metabolism causing it to slow down. That means it is harder to burn off the calories that you take in. Stress can make you feel more tired thus making it harder to get out and get exercise. Some people use the term emotional eating. That means because of some stress that they are feeling they feel the need to eat to relieve the stress. And it is well documented that stress can cause major health issues such as heart problems.

The television bombards us everyday with the newest weight-loss product, or exercise machine. If you are watching television late at night it is hard to miss the next great machine that will help you do the perfect six-pack ab exercises. For only $19.95 you are guaranteed the perfect body in just thirty days. We buy these products with our hard earned money and eagerly await their arrival. We feel stress waiting for the package to get there so we can start our way to the perfect body. When it arrives, we try to use it with the best intentions, but in the end we lose interest and the product fails. More stress is added because we wasted the money, and are reminded of our failure each time we look in the mirror and say we need to lose weight.

If it is not an infomercial that is selling some machine that gets us, it is the diet book that promises us the secret to how to lose weight fast that catches our eyes. Again we have good intentions and work very hard to get the needed food that the book suggests. We feel the stress of running around to several specialty shops to find the right food, carefully reading labels to make sure we know what we are eating. Starting a diet is hard work and hard work is stressful. Despite our efforts to stay on a diet, some holiday or special event arrives and even though we want to follow the plan the lure of something else is too strong. We give into our wants, despite all the stress the decision causes. After we enjoy the night out, the stress mounts even further because of the guilt that is felt.

Stress is a dieters; enemy, and stress is all around us. In order to successfully diet a person has to realize that they can not eliminate all of the stress in their life, but they can control the stress. Each person must accomplish it differently. Some people join a club to offer them support and help shoulder the stress. Others find that support by joining a chat group such as the ones that can be found on The Biggest Loser Forum. Still others find stress relief through meditation. It is not important how a person controls their stress. It is important for a person to do this. Not just because a person is dieting, but because relieving stress is a vital part of a long and healthy life.

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Dr. Michael Allen
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