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One Week To A Beach Belly

If you have to hit the beach in a week, don’t lose all hope. You’re still capable of making some improvements to your physique that will help avert disaster. What I’m saying is that you can blast away some flab, build-up muscles, and lose some pounds in a urgent fashion. There’s a lot you can do without even changing the schedule you usually follow. I expect that you’ll be able to reduce your weight by more than a pound in a week. Other things you can do is cut your hair and purchase a new outfit, things that should accent your lean look. For the first day, I want you doing strengthening and interval moves using the fundamental drills you already know. Don’t worry about isolating joints or muscle groups. You wan to get your rear end worked with a lot of rowing and pressing. You’ll target the abdominals as you do all this. On the second day, you need to go have some fun with a friend or someone you know. Take a half hour and play basketball or soccer. You could go on a bike tour or even jog on a trail. You’ll get pumped up from being out doors and spending time with someone too.

Your third day should find you highly motivated and ready to work hard. Do some good interval and resistance work. Add more weight to the primary exercises you do and lower your count by one. It’s important to do the movements properly, but you need to be intense. You’ll be surprised because I think that you’ll find that you’re able to do the heavier weights without any problem at all, so you might want to stay at this level. You will only lose more calories this way. Get on the treadmill for some intervals to make things different.

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Dr. Michael Allen
Fitness Instructor & Fat Loss Factor™ Founder

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