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New Cardio Secrets Revealed

I’m going to reveal some things about cardiovascular training that may change the way you think about it. Below are some workout plans that will help you shed abdominal flab and those extra pounds. You’re going to save time and get more results if you’ll pay attention to these. Cardiovascular routine number one: moving slowly.

This one reflects outdated thinking about cardio workouts. The endless exercise sessions that are supposed to help burn fat but never seem to make a difference.

While all the reasons for this not working are hard to understand, one thing’s for sure: it doesn’t work. There’s still another study that shows that females exercising for an hour of this kind of reduced intensity effort has no effect on belly fat, even after months of persistence.

Cardiovascular routine number two: intense exercise.

You’ve got to move fast and hard until you get at least a four hundred calorie burn done. This should take about a forty minute period. This is good, but it’s still not the best way to lose fat.

Cardiovascular routine number three: training with intervals.

An Australian study showed that doing intervals was superior to slower cardiovascular routines when it came to shedding stomach fat. Intervals are a preferred choice when trying to lose fat..

The way you do this is by alternating hard, intense work with easy recovery work.

Here’s a sample of a cardio-interval training session that can help you design your own.

Begin with a good warming up period and then exercise at an intense level that is around one-fifth more intense than usual. Do this for one minute. Next exercise at a light, cooling pace for a minute before returning to high intensity again.

This should be done for at least five cylces followed by a five minute cool down to close.

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Dr. Michael Allen
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