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My Secret Way To Jump Start Leanness

The following is a three week guide to Losing fat. To keep this plan simple, we’ll just suppose that it starts on Monday, but you can use any day you want. Do everything for each day and you’re going to discover that you are building a good foundation for a better lifestyle. Day number one: Seek out someone who will support you as you pursue your objectives.

Make sure you exercise without over doing it, emphasizing correct form. Every week you’ll schedule a workout three times, resting on your off day.

Day number two: Stop drinking everything except water and green tea. You’ll begin to use an online food program like fit to track what you eat for the following seven days.

Day number three: While you are exercising create a picture in your mind of yourself achieving your goal.

Also, focus on positive thoughts. Date number four: Change your eating style to five mini meals every day instead of a few large meals.

This will boost your energy and keep you from overeating.

Day number five: Throw out all the junk food you have in the house. Prepare a list of healthy foods so you can shop. Day number six: Report your accountability partner and go over how the week has gone.

Day number seven: get ready for your next week. Do your shopping, prepare your meals, watch your fruits and solidify your mind concerning what you’re going to eat.
Day number eight: Go ahead and pay to have a trainer work with you for a day and enlist that person as a member of your support group.

Day number nine: Select a fruit you have never eaten before and choose a veggie you have never eaten before. Day number ten: Remove all trans fats from your menu.

Day number eleven: Check on how much water you are taking in and make sure it’s enough. Day twelve: Go over your nutrition from the day that you have collected.

To be continued

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Dr. Michael Allen
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