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Lessons From The Buffet

A new report has demonstrated behavioral differences between thin and fat people at restaurant buffets across the country. The purpose was to see how people of different sizes ate their food. The findings were telling: the higher a person weighed, the faster they ate, the more they chewed, and they were more likely to sit facing the food. Thin people generally behaved in the opposite manner. This research validated an earlier study that found that those who eat slowly take in fewer calories.

The term used to describe this phenomenon is time-energy displacement. Those who eat quickly are those who are most likely to take in excess calories and become fat.

There’s still more research that I want to tell you about; this time talking about how different foods satisfy the appetite. You can actually use time-energy displacement to your advantage by selecting foods that are harder to chew and that are more filling. Also, types of food that don’t have as many calories per a given mass are good because you have to eat so much of it to get too many calories.

Finally, all these studies show us once again that people can consume large amounts of calories from liquids in a very short period of time. This research confirms one thing for sure: parents who keep on their kids to slow down while eating are on the right scientific path.

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Dr. Michael Allen
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