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Learn Fast Weight Loss Tactics

Most people just dream of a three pound weight loss in a seven day period. If you go about it properly, you can do it with a good flab busting exercise plan. You can combine cardiovascular moves in your effort and you find that you’ll be a lot lighter in a matter of days. This is something you can do as the weeks fly by as you build a better you every day. Here I’m giving you the rules for this seven day plan. Day One: Do some resistance drills and some intervals at the onset so you have the energy and the stamina to do it. Don’t be afriad to put the effort in and you’ll be glad you did by day seven.

You’re not going to have to spend all day doing this either. You’re going to get done a lot faster than you would if you were doing cardio. Day Two: Take an official day off, but get outdoors and do some fun activity that will keep your system moving.

Day Three: Intervals and strengthening is the name of the game again today. You probably should let a trainer review your work so that you know you are doing everything correctly. This is also a good time to begin your workout journal. Day Four: For half an hour get some activity in on your off day. Whether you’re going to meditate, study best practices, or review your mental attitude, that’s good. Figure out what things in your life are holding you back and find out what to do about them.

Day Five: The week is over now, so get it done with a bang. Get on with your strengthening drills and intervals and go all out. Get your muscles worked. Reinvigorate your metabolic system. Force yourself to stay silent as you gloat over the cardio slaves at the gym. Find a kind thing to do like flaunt your trim body.

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Dr. Michael Allen
Fitness Instructor & Fat Loss Factor™ Founder

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