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How To Get The Shape You Want Fast

For those who want to get muscled up, I have a great combo workout that uses kettlebells, body weight, and regular building exercises to get started. First, I have a super-set that features dead lifts and single hand presses followed by a sequence with kettle bells.

Super complex number one

Get yourself in front the bar for the dead lifts keep your feet about hip width. Grasp the barbell overhand while keeping your head up. Setback and stand in and upright position. Lower yourself downward and pause for a second. Complete eight repetitions.

The shoulder pressing requires you to hold the dumbbell with your palm facing your head at shoulder height. Power the bell up and then lower it 8 times on each side.

Super complex number two

This can be called a KB 555, meaning a total of 555 reps in this sequence. This gets started with 100 kettlebell swings. Work at this one hard. Using your hands to hook onto the KBs use your hips to power the bell upward. Follow the KB swings with a hundred prisoner squats and then fifty stable ball jack knifes.

You do the prison squatting with both hands to the back of the head, elbows to the rear and head up. Squat straight down as you keep your head upright and then power up.

The jackknives are done as your hands are grounded and feet are on top of the ball. Utilize your abdominals to pull your knees to your chest.

Continuing the 555, do 100 body weight squats. Hold each arm to the front and squat, then power up. From there, move to the pushup where you do 105 repetitions.

You can do these in smaller groups if you need to. Finish the 5-5-5 by doing another hundred kettle bell swing reps. If you follow this routine faithfully, you’ll quickly encounter muscular leanness.

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Dr. Michael Allen
Fitness Instructor & Fat Loss Factor™ Founder

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