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How to Choose a Detox Spa

The primary aim of detox spa programs is to root out environmental and dietary toxins from the human body system thereby promoting overall health. When you undergo detox programs offered by reputed spas, you tend to lose weight, become calmer, and increase energy. It is equally important to note that not all spa detox programs are alike. Therefore, it is advisable to do your research on the best detox spas before you enroll into a suitable detox program.

Detox Spas just like many others in the service industry complicate matters by introducing technical jargon and lingo. You need to understand what these detox spas are really talking about. We already know that detoxification programs target removal of toxicity. Spas that offer such detox programs mainly target four types of toxicity. They include the body’s own waste products due to metabolic activity; dietary toxins such as alcohol, white sugar, and caffeine; psychological toxins such as stress and worry; environmental toxins such as contaminated food products and chemical residues in homes and workplaces.

To understand what spas really do, we need to know that detox spas adopt a number of ways to target these toxins. One approach is a kind of non-invasive treatment that promote the body’s own detoxification system. Some of treatments are colon hydrotherapy, herbal enemas, lymphatic drainage massage, and body wraps.

Another approach is a simple dietary regulation. It can range from a juice fast to including more fruits and vegetables. It also means severe cutting down on foods that are very harsh on ones body. Similarly, the traditional Indian medical system called Ayurveda prescribes strict dietary regulations and oil-based treatments. These are part of Ayurvedic detoxification known as Ayurvedic Panchakarma. Yet another approach involves meditation and yoga which purportedly enhances psychological well-being.

The following checklist helps you to narrow down on the most suitable detox spa program. Consider the detox diet. What menu does the spa offer? Is it a juice fast, raw food, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian meals? Is round-the-clock medical supervision available? Will the program be self-directed with basic supervision or is it instructor-directed? Is it one-to-one or a group? If you are opting for the Indian Ayurvedic Panchakarma, will you be able to commit to serious dietary changes for weeks if not months? Does the spa offer educational seminar or training classes to educate you? If so, how qualified are the trainers? What are the accreditations of the lecturers? Are the spa surroundings urbane and luxurious? Or are they rustic and natural? What are cost breakdown for the spa detox packages?

Juice fasts form the core pillar of many detox spa programs. Juice fasting promotes motivation, innate creativity and spiritual consciousness. Juice fasts are not easy and hence it is not for every one. You should learn more about the benefits of undergoing a juice fast and how to prepare yourself for such a fast. You should also be aware of the side effects and who all should stay away from such kinds of fast. Fasting and even detox has its fair share of critics especially from the mainstream medical professionals.

Detox should invariably be a part and parcel of your lifestyle. Most people like to think of detox as pure escapism or some petty indulgence. Detox is not a short term purging, it should be routine. The good detox spas enable you to maintain healthy lifestyles.

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