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How Do You Lose Your Extra Cruise Pounds

Taking a cruise is a surefire way form many people to gain weight. It may surprise some people to learn that weight loss on a cruise is possible You could decide to make healthy choices while cruising, eat everything in moderation or simply take care of any weight gain by detoxing after a cruise holiday. Check out the internet forums like fat loss factor forum to find out what other people have done successfully when they have taken a cruise.
Maintaining your weight during a cruise is always a challenge as there are so many delicious treats to tempt us. A person needs to look at a cruise as a chance to relax, unwind, get healthy and lose weight. Have you ever heard of a weight loss cruise? What an incredible achievement it would be to go on a cruise, or any other holiday, and actually lose weight and get fit in the process. It is possible and it doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in your cabin and do a six pack ab workout for the duration of the cruise to do it.
Enjoying a cruise is probably one of the easiest ways to gain huge amounts of weight in record time. For many people, a cruise is the ultimate indulgence in gourmet dining, relaxation and not worrying about their weight. However, stepping on the scales after a cruise can be a shock. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a strategy to stop you from packing on the pounds while you sail the seven seas. With a little planning and focus, it is surely possible to maintain your weight and dress size. Indeed, it may even be feasible to lose weight on a cruise while still enjoying some of the vast array of delicious cuisine on offer.
It may be easy to eat, drink and relax our way to extra pounds on a cruise but there are lots of opportunities to burn up some of those excess calories too. There is usually a state of the art gym, exercise classes, opportunities to get active on excursions, a swimming pool and endless staircases on board so there are plenty of ways to keep moving and, if you’re not exhausted after all that, you could dance the night away too.
The restaurants always offer some healthy options like salads and fresh fruit Of course those are alongside the more calorific and indulgent choices. Proper hydration is important to weight loss so you should try to drink bottled water. What’s important is finding a balance. You should aim to enjoy your holiday while enjoying your food and drink and keeping active. That may be easier said than done.
Everyone is different and there are alternative strategies that may help you to control your weight on a cruise holiday. Finding something that suits you is what’s important. You can use a simple method of making healthy choices and eating, drinking and exercising in If you feel that you are unlikely to successfully control your consumption of food and drink and that a few extra pounds are inevitable, than you need to try something else. Plan for the period immediately before and after your holiday by investigating a weight loss program like the one at to lose any weight you gain while cruising or to prepare yourself before you go on a cruise. A short term detox diet before going on your cruise will enable you to lose a few pounds in advance. If you have overindulged during your cruise, then another short term detox diet upon your return will take care of any excesses and help to get your body back in shape.
The most important part of the cruise is to relax. Stressing weight gain will make it worse. So in the end enjoy your cruise. Plan a little before you go and take care of the rest when you get back.

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