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Five Meats That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

For many people, the hardest part about losing weight is staying away from deliciously unhealthy foods that are a big part of their daily lives. Now, to some extent this is simply a hard fact you have to deal with – you can’t gorge yourself on steaks and cookies and still drop the pounds. However, at the same time many people go too far and drop delicious meats from their diets entirely, making it too difficult on themselves. Instead of converting entirely to salads and whole wheat bread, considering switching your meat choices over to some healthier alternatives.

1 – Turkey. In America, this bird is usually restricted to Thanksgiving, and that’s a darn shame. Turkey is one of the best meats you can enjoy while not fattening yourself up, and goes well with many different ingredients. Why not try it out for something besides the traditional Thanksgiving oven-cooked whole turkey?

2 – Chicken. It’s obvious, but still needs to be said. Chicken meat is versatile, readily available, and cheap. It also comes commonly precooked, which makes for an easier time in the kitchen.

3 – Fish. Rarely seen in traditional American meals, this seafaring critter is distinctive, delicious, and crammed full of vitamins that are usually missing from one’s diet. If you haven’t tried a few kinds of fish, you really should, as they have quite a bit of flavor variety.

4 – Venison. The hunter’s delight, this red meat is quite low in fat. You may not have the time or inclination to hunt yourself, but if you know anyone who does, then give them a call sometime and ask about their venison stocks.

5 – Anything Lean When Cooked Properly. Perhaps the saddest thing of all is how many meats get a bad reputation, just because they’re usually cooked in unhealthy ways. If you reduce the fat in a meat as much as possible before and during cooking, and cook it in a generally healthy way instead of frying it, then you’ll find that you can eat all your favorites in moderation. Steaming, grilling, and baking are all good alternatives to frying.

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