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Five Easy Ways to Get the Washboard Abs You’ve Dreamt Of

Don’t give up on attaining the defined, muscular abs of your dreams. They may seem like an impossible thing to acquire if you’ve just contented yourself living a carefree life, but just a few changes to take care of your body can make those abs yours. The things you need to do to get great abs are simple and little, and can be reduced to a five step program that works for everyone.

The first step is one many people forget, but you can’t show off your abs if you’ve got fat covering them. Therefore, using an exercise program that helps you lose unwanted fat is at the top of the list of things to do for good abs. The best overall method is through cardio-based exercise, but there are many different variations on cardio. You can swim, jog, power walk, or do any number of other different routines… whatever you enjoy best and find most convenient.

But even when you exercise, if you give yourself more fat than you’re burning, you’ll make no progress. That’s why the second thing to do is stay away from fast food, fried foods (especially deep fried) and other examples of unhealthy meals. Stop making bad food a part of your everyday lifestyle! It shouldn’t be a part of your weekly diet, let alone your daily one.

But you’ve given up all your usual foods, so what are you supposed to eat instead? That brings us to the third step, which is eating fruits, vegetables, and other healthy sources of nutrition. These foods will give you the power you need to get through your workout routine and drop fat without adding any on. If you must enjoy meat, try non-red and low-fat versions such as fish.

The second to last thing for getting those godly abs is to perform ab-specific exercises every few days. You can’t do them all the time, or your body won’t be able to recover and strengthen itself. But you can’t just lose weight and expect to show off muscles that you don’t have, either. Ab-based exercises alongside a good cardio program will get you the body you want. But only if you follow this last step and…

Stay hydrated while exercising! Proper water intake is one of the most vital parts of exercise. Without it, you won’t be able to keep exercising long or hard enough, and you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Instead of blaming yourself for being tired, drink more water and keep on going. By doing that along with everything else mentioned above, you will definitely attain your dreamt of abs.

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Dr. Michael Allen
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