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Fight Disease with Breakfast

As a society, we focus a lot on steps to stay healthy.  We load up on multivitamins, pay attention to personal hygiene, and even sign up for gym memberships in the hope that we will be motivated to regularly work out.  It turns out that one of the easiest preventative steps we can take can be done at home right at the start of every day.

Regularly eating breakfast can help reduce the risk of insulin resistance syndrome, diabetes or coronary heart disease by 35% to 50% compared to your odds if you skip the morning meal.  That’s a lot of disease prevention just by paying attention to one meal of the day!  Turns out mom was right after all.  Breakfast is the most important meal.

So what is the best option for breakfast that the American Heart Association recommends to gain prevention against the above listed diseases?  A bowl of whole-grain cereal with milk added as part of a balanced breakfast.  The fiber in whole-grain cereals and dairy products help protect against obesity and heart disease by improving blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Well, why not wait to have whole grain bread at lunch instead?  The answer lies in the concentration of dietary fiber in whole-grain cereals.  It is very hard to match the quality and amount of fiber present in whole-grain cereals with whole-grain bread.  The soluble fiber in the cereals is directly associated with reduced risk of heart disease.

It forms a gel-like material that prevents cholesterol and saturated fats from entering the bloodstream, where they can collect and form plaques on artery walls. As an extra plus, for those of us who have trouble eating our daily servings of fruits and vegetables, the insoluble fiber helps keep us ‘moving’ from a digestive perspective and contributes to colon health.

Which ones should you pick?  Any cereal with whole grain or bran as their first ingredient and that contains at least 2 grams of dietary fiber per serving should be in your shopping cart, and on your breakfast table.

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Dr. Michael Allen
Fitness Instructor & Fat Loss Factor™ Founder

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