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Feed off Fame not Failure for Advice

All the amazing stories of fast and massive weight loss don’t really interest me. In fact, the faster you lose weight, the more risk you have to gain it back. What those who have managed to maintain an appropriate weight over the long term have to say is far more important. There actually have been a lot of studies done about weight maintenance. One report studied pre-existing data and discovered that less than one third of the people who lost weight were able to keep it off permanently.

We should all be very interested in the differences between the small successful group and the larger group of failures. One fact that was uncovered is that there was a higher percentage of people who worked out in the successful group.

Those were successful at keeping their weight loss also spent less time watching TV, and were generally more active. Perhaps what sets the successful group apart the most is that they spend more time monitoring themselves. The people who tracked their calories, their weight, their meals, and their body composition were more likely to keep from regaining their weight.

From these observations we can discern a few things that we need to do to keep the weight we lose off.

1. Increase your amount of daily activity including exercise.
2. Continue using weights even after you have a loss of fat.
3. Constantly monitor what you eat and what you do.

Above all, don’t listen to those who have lost weight: listen to those who are able to keep that weight off for a long time.

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Dr. Michael Allen
Fitness Instructor & Fat Loss Factor™ Founder

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