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Eight Killer Moves to Lose Weight Fast

I’m going to list the top eight body mass moves that will make you muscular and lean when you string them together as a series. These are done without a gym membership and without any other equipment. Furthermore, working out this way is mobile. You can do it at home, in your yard, or in a park. So this can really make a difference to your freedom and you cash flow.

The way you can tell if your sequence is good or not is by seeing how many muscles are being engaged through it. A good aspect of this type of fat-burning routine is that you are making yourself more mobile.

This should improve your athleticism because it counters the over-use of muscles that you probably do every day. To have an effective series of exercises, you’re going to need pulls, pushes, squats, abs, and legs in a a half hour session.

Here I’m going to see what I can give you as an expert fat loss sequence that uses your body’s weight.

1. Jump Jacks – fifty repetitions.
2. Prison Squats, twenty repetitions.
3. Push-up +, fifteen times
4. Squatting Splits, Bulgaria style – twelve repetitions.
5. Inverse Body Rows, twenty repetitions.
6. Lunging Diagonally, twelve repetitions for left and right.
7. Climbing Mountains, fifteen for left and right.
8. Stationary Higher Knee, do twenty for left and twenty for right for 40 counts.

Some of you might be wondering if body weight routines can help build muscles: the answer is yes, unless you’re very advanced.

For the top half, doing dip and pull movements should be the first choice, with push ups coming in third. The bottom half is served well with one legged squatting and giant step-ups. You can change the speed and style of your work to make things harder.

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Dr. Michael Allen
Fitness Instructor & Fat Loss Factor™ Founder

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