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Easy Ways To Learn From Fitness Pros

If you think that you know everything the professionals know about weight loss, you’re wrong. They keep secrets just like everyone else. Can you imagine what it would be like if all the secrets got out? Obesity would be a thing of the past. Imagine what would happen if you knew everything about increasing your metabolic rate and blasting flab right off your frame! Someone asked me not too long ago about what my secrets are and I was glad to share them. I want people to get into shape and into the body they want. Let’s start with the novices.

One: Don’t consume calorie content from liquids. OK, you can have milk, but that’s it. You don’t need colas, sport drink, and sugary stuff drink. All this does is get you a large amount of calories quickly, without filling you up.

Oh yes, liquor, beer, wine, etc. are your enemy when it comes to reducing your weight. Two:Knock off the burger joints.

The food at fast food is bad. Repeat after me. The food at fast food is bad. These joints are looking to make a buck faster than they can make a burger. Their food is not healthy. It is made from lousy ingredients and is low in protein.

You’ve heard the marketing hype that says you have good options at fastfood. Do you believe that? No! It’s a lie. You can tell something is wrong because all the chicken-dishes come in the exactly same form. Is that natural?

I hate to tell you this (no I don’t), but getting a processed pressed piecce of chicken into a cheap nutritionless bun together with wilted lettuces and a grotesque tomato isn’t a healthy option.

A healthy diet is going to require that you plan carefull, shop carefully, and eat responsibly.

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Dr. Michael Allen
Fitness Instructor & Fat Loss Factor™ Founder

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