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Discover Some Great Video Workout Strategies

I just did something special. I performed the training session promoted in the three-hundred video. Perhaps you recognize this popular sequence through the marketing efforts used to promote it. The people in the movie are acting out the hard core routine that brings kettle-bells, free-weights, body-weight, etc. to bear on a stimulating 300 repetition session. I’m going to tell you what this video workout called for. I must mention that you don’t stop at all as you do this routine. Push yourself through until it’s all done.

The first move was the pull up for twenty five reps. Next, do some deadlifting for fifty repetitions using 135 pounds.

Push-ups come next, using proper form and the variant you choose, do fifty. Box jumping for fifty reps comes next. Use a 24″ box.

Follow the jumping, get down and do the floor wipes. To fifty of these.

Using one arm, clean-and-press thirty six pounds fifty times. Finish up with another twenty five pull-ups.

You can probably tell that this is not a begginer’s routine to do.

Be sure that you resist temptation to pause in the middle of this cycle: you really can’t afford that because you’ll lose the intensity. Sometimes you have to rest, I know. For example, after doing 15 pullups, I had to take a moment and then continue. Try to minimize this type of thing as much as possible.

By pushing yourself to do as many reps as you can at a time, you force your body to work to adapt to your requirements.

Once you get your counts done for each movement you can move on to the next one.

If necessary, you can adapt this plan to your fitness level so you can get it done. Change the superset to 100 repetitions and you can even substitute different exercises for the ones I have just listed too.

This way you have room to go and you know where you are headed.

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Dr. Michael Allen
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