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Detox And Weight Loss-Is It Right For You?

There are many people who say that a great way to jump start a diet and to lose weight fast is to rid your bodies of impurities. There are many different ways that people say you should detox your body. People say you can use diet, pills, or herbs just to name a few of the methods that are available. There are also other methods that are available on the internet and at your local health store. They suggest cleansing your body of harmful toxins in order to jump start your weight loss program.

The various products say that if you use their product for some period of time, usually seven to twenty-one days, you will lose a lot of weight quickly and that the program will make your metabolism burn fat faster. They claim that the toxins in your body can slow down your metabolism and cause weight gain, Their products will cleanse your body, reduce bloating, increase your metabolism and curb your appetite among other claims. They say their products are safe to use and can be part of a total weight reduction plan.

Besides the pills, people have came up with diets that they claim will rid your body of toxins. The idea behind a detox diet is to assist the lymph, kidneys, and liver with the detox process, by eating certain foods or in some cases eating nothing at all. Some of the diets are extremely restrictive. One diet claims that if you drink nothing but grapefruit juice for 3 days, you will jumpstart your diet and lose a bunch of pounds quickly.

The problem with using detox as a way to lose weight, is that you lose more of the weight because of the smaller amount of calories that you take in when you are on one of these programs. It is not the pills, herbs, or special food that is causing the weight loss, it is the lack of food intake. It is not necessarily a bad thing to get rid of the toxins that are in our bodies from time to time. But it does not replace the idea of eating correctly and getting exercise every day. You are better off in the long run doing some six pack ab exercises everyday and forgoing the trips to fast food restaurants when you want to lose weight.

Detox can also lead to weight gain and other health problems. By using this method you can actually slow down your metabolism so that when you start to eat again, you actually gfain weight back faster. Some diets that limit your fluid intake can lead to problems with dehydration. The restrictive nature of the diets and the use aof chemicals and herbs can upset the balance of electrolytes in your body. The diets can also result in overeating because of the hunger that they cause.

So what is a person to do when they want to lose weight. The best way is the old fashioned way. Eat a sensible diet and exercise every day. When you fill up your plate at meals use a smaller plate and take smaller portions. Plan the time to exercise and don’t procrastinate. Make it an important event every day in your life. There is a world of help on the internet in chat rooms such as the Biggest Loser Forum, It is not the sexiest approach, or an approach that will make someone a million dollars hawking their product on an infomercial, but it works. By changing your eating and exercising habits, you can enjoy a weight loss that will stick. Detox diets might work for some and can provide results when they are first used, but people often gain all the weight back and more. Stick whith a=what has been proven to work through the years and be happy with yourself and your body.

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