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More Food, Less Aerobics Key to Weight Loss

It’s not every day when you hear a dietary expert tell you that you need to consume more food in order to lose weight. After all, food is what makes you fat, right? Add to that advice a recommendation to ditch your cardiovascular routine and many people think you’re nuts. I remember giving this advice to a middle aged man who had gained a lot of weight over the holidays. He was running several miles every day and had severely curtailed his eating, yet he wasn’t making any progress when it came to the scales. This guy thought he was doing the right thing, only his body was in pain and he was at risk for overuse injuries. I can’t tell you how surprised this man was when I told him that the problem he had was that he was exercising too much and not eating enough.

Once this client listened to my reasoning and took my advice, those pounds started coming off. He doesn’t have a lot of pain anymore and he has shed thirty pounds of weight and over half a foot from his girth. He started doing strength training and intervals and now worked out only three times each week for forty five minutes or less in each period.

The reason strength training is so effective is because it builds muscle, the tissue that is effective at boosting your body’s natural fat burning capability. This makes it so you are consuming more calories while you’re going about your daily routine even after you’ve stopped exercising. Simply put, the more muscle you have, the more calories you will lose. That translates to lots of extra pounds gone over time.

When the man was relying entirely on cardio, he was burning some calories while he exercised, but he didn’t have that sustained metabolism boost that consumed fat during the day. He was also wasting his time because strength training could do more for him in less time than cardio ever could do.

Besides changing your workout habits from aerobics to strength training, you have to be careful not to cut your food intake too much. That’s what happened to this man. He was starving his body so much that his body started adapting to the reduced calories by burning less. The less you eat, the more your body goes into survival mode by shutting down your metabolism. That’s why you need to eat more as part of a successful fat loss program.

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My Secret Super-Cardio Workouts

You know that cardiovascular routines are unnecessary when it comes to losing weight – right? You need to lose all your memories of that junk people say about getting into cardio fat-burn zones and other meaningless babble. You must instead remember that what you eat has the most to do with your program. Without changing your eating habits, nothing – including cardio – will help you. That’s not to say that cardio will work: it won’t. An eight week evaluation of cardio workouts has recently proven that you won’t lose weight with traditional cardio.

With a traditional cardiovascular routine, you are wasting your life away with moves that aren’t benefiting you at all. You are going to be better off by using interval style cardio. This together with diet and resistance training will help you get going.

This is a lot better than overdoing traditional cardio in desperate attempts to boost weight loss. Cardio with intervals can actually help you. Before I continue, let me tell you of an email I got. This was from a woman who worked an 8-hour regimen of cardiovascular exercises every week.

With all this effort the lady was not losing, fat, or anything else. The only thing she was losing was patience.

This woman was so desperate that she was planning on adding even more time in the gym doing traditional aerobics in her effort to lose some weight. I had to warn her that she was already overdoing it. You can’t perform all that repetitive motion and get away with it.

I got another one from a person who was eating a lot of vegetable content, but she wasn’t getting enough calories to maintain her metabolism. She addded nuts to her diet and now she is losing weight again.

Increased activity and reduced diet are concepts that are applied to generally, and to people who aren’t doing things right. You have to resist those urges and start working toward your goals with mechanisms that have been proven.

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Learn Why Weights Have Priority Over Aerobics

There’s no doubt that you are going to lose more weight if you will involve yourself in weight training. You might not feel like you’re burning fat while you’re lifting, but you’re going to see the fat melt away. The key to weights is building muscle because you will boost your metabolic rate and consume more calories throughout the day, not just while you’re at the gym. Besides, when you are in a serious weight loss program you can lose muscle as well as fat. Keep yourself up by maintaining your muscle. Continual development of your muscular system will make sure that you stay lean and lose fat at the highest rate possible. By using the super-set philosophy, I help you compliment your strength training through an elevated heart rate. This is not the main reason I promote this method of exercise. The real reason is that super-sets will let you get more good done in less time, although you have to work hard.

The reason this is important is because more people cite lack of time as a reason they don’t exercise. That’s one of the reaons cardio is so bad too, because you have to spend so much time on the machines. You’ll be pleased when you see results and that will make you want to be even more intense as you exercise.

The stess on your body is key to getting those difficult flab deposits on your sides worked off. Here is a good illustration of how to use a mega set with weights to shed pounds.

You’re not going to need very much gear to do this, so you might even be able to stay home.

All you need is a bench, some dumb bells, and a stability ball. If you have those things, you’ll be ready to go.

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Discover Aerobic Solutions For Losing Weight

You already know that cardiovascular routines aren’t very effective for weight reduction. While you’re moving, you’re working off lard, but the biggest problem it has is that it won’t do much for your metabolism. The increases to your metabolic rate really kick in when you workout with intervals and body mass drills. When you exercise with your body’s mass, you get an intense workout that will help retain muscular tissue, so you’re really better off with that kind of exercise.

You see, when you are exercising with cardiovascular routines, you are burning calories from fat and from muscle. So the truth is that my plan is better than typical aerobic moves any day because you retain your muscles.

Body weight sessions are going to be helpful to anyone who will give it a try. Whether a novice or a pro, this kind of exercises gives great returns on your investment on time. I’m a pro and I still use body weight exercises a lot because I need them too. I practice what I preach in that the same programs I put you and my clients on are the programs that I’m also on.

With interval and resistance work being done in the same timeframe, you’ll find that your sessions are exciting annd filled with energy,This is very good since many times people tire of the boredom of aerobics.

So many people who follow my plan reccommend it to others: it’s truly amazing what a little common sense and hard work can produce. Personal trainers and other fitness gurus love to rave about the body mass routines that I prescribe. By working out with intelligence and intensity, you get a lot of bang for your fitness buck.

Often after only a few weeks of workouts like this, people make noticeable progress.

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A Great Daily Fitness Tip

You are going to have to get your metabolic rate elevated in order to be successful at fat loss. The way to make this happen is to stop doing traditional aerobic exercises and begin a new program that features interval and resistance patterns. Right now there is no better way to burn fat than this way. If you want to know what resistance training and intervals are, you’ve come to the right place. This combination workout is designed to help you build muscle and burn fat all at the same time, so you get a great body faster. These are fast workouts that let you stay out of the gym rather than spend hours there on the cardio gear.

You shouldn’t do traditional, slow cardiovascular work because it has been scientifically proven to be ineffective for weight loss. That’s why so many people spend more and more time doing it, trying to get some results. There are a lot of reasons for this and I’ve written about many of them. Another thing about combining cardiovascular sessions with intervals is that you get done in less time. Granted, you have to be very intense, but at least you get to reclaim a good portion of your life from the fitness center.

Then again, with traditional cardiovascular routines it’s hard to get you arms and abdominals trimmed and ripped in that mode. Strengthening and interval work will get the entire body involved, giving you a sexy, god/goddess-like body. The kind of session I speak of starts off doing five minutes of body-mass warmups. This is followed by a full twenty minute series with strengthening moves with either your body’s weight or with dumb bells.

You can use bar-bells at times, but since many of the people I work with train at home, the dumb bell is the choice weight.

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Learn To Improve Cholesterol And Lose Fat Too

There has been all sorts of cholesterol-related news out there over the years. Much of it has been good in that there are new ways to understand and manage this kind of condition. Something that has escaped general awareness though is that there is actually good cholesterol that is important to good health. This positive-cholesterol is what we should really be focusing on. This substance, called H.D.L. is significant when dealing with heart-related illness.

Let me define a few things for you. First, there is L.D.L. which stands for low dense lipoprotein. This is the bad cholesterol that clogs up the blood pathways to your heart. H.D.L. is the high density version of cholesterol that is beneficial to the body. In fact, it helps a lot by fighting against LDL inside your body. It helps police your arteries, keeping them free of debris.

A good level of HDL is over 40mg per Dl. Have your doctor check it and if you need to make it better, you’ll have to go for annual screening. T.C. is your “total cholesterol” that represents L.D.L. and H.D.L. Your total milligrams of cholesterol-content should be around 240.0 or above. If not, you’re going to have heart-disease issues.

There is also a calculation that compares the amount of H.D.L. in your system to the total value of choleterol.

This percentage gives medical personnel the information needed to determine your heart-disease-risk. A recent report from the a leading cardiology magazine that confirms that patients with higher HDL had fewer heart-related problems.

The margin that seemed to make the difference is an elevated H.D.L. of 10 mg. This level resulted in a reduced risk of over 10%.

Does this mean anything to you? Can you go out and increase your H.D.L. number? You’re going to have to get your doc to check your H.D.L. for you. Once that’s done, you can significantly improve your level by losing weight. That’s the best way to improve it quickly.

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A Great Tip For Cardio Workouts

Some people ask me what makes my techniques for engaging the whole body to disrupt fat differs from other methods. Are you kidding me?! The primary way my approach is different because I get you engaged in intervals as well as resistance training: no cardio here. As you get disturbed about fat, you actually disturb fat by working against it in sensible ways that get results. There are a lot of people copying me and getting on the bandwagon for interval training, but few people are actually presenting this type of workout effectively.

You see, when I began, I was always seen as a radical because I rejected the workouts that proved to be ineffective, while others continued to promote them to milk people of their money. The main problem is that people can’t get cardio out of their minds: they’ve seen and heard it for so long. Even though it doesn’t work, people still think it’s the way to fitness.

For example, cardio-oriented people have trouble with the proper resting period when they try intervals. See when they sprint, they slow to a traditional cardio pace as their recovery and then sprint again in a cycle.

The essential ingredient of intervals requires that you have a lot of sprints, but each one is followed by a pace that allows you to recover almost completely before continuing.

You see doing recovery at too intense of a pace means that you have sacrificed intensity from your sprint. You’ll notice that I don’t care much about heart rate: that is a preoccupation that really holds people back.

Your heartbeat isn’t going to have anything to do with how much fat you’re losing. I’ve told people that until I’m blue in the face.

If you’re going to have peace with yourself, you need to know how to wage war on fat properly.

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Learn an Expert Opinion: You’re Fat!

I get sick of getting these emails with the revolutionary fat loss programs that are supposed to melt flab fast, and all they are is slow cardio routines. The truth is that traditional cardio workouts suck and they waste time and they aren’t going to help you. Now I can tell you about one more study where cardio was done with alternating intensity to burn fat effectively. For example, I’ve seen research that compared biking at a constant rate, maybe 2/3 maximum) for a whole hour.

These compared with performing a half hour period followed by a 1/3 hour rest, repeating the half-hour biking. Both of these rides were at the same intensity as the first. After alll the data was in, the study revealed that the same amount of calories were burned in both workout sessions.

What was also proven, however, was that the group that split up the hour of biking burned about 50% more fat in the after math. So, what is the significance of this? Not much.

To begin with, neither one of these approaches would do as much good as a 1/3 hour of interval training.

Another thing is that I can’t see anyone wanting to work out this way. Besides, it takes more time. Finally, when you check out the calorie difference between the two, the percentages sound like a lot, but the actual difference is probably about 50 calories.

So, what do you make of it when you see people at the gym sitting there for 1/3 of an hour between their traditional aerobic routines so that they can burn those few extra calories in between?

I don’t have the time to sit around reading magazines that long, do you? I want you to know that traditional cardio is totally worthless: even the studies that are supposed to promote cardio prove what I’m saying is true.

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Discover Best Fat Burn Practices To Lose Weight Fast

Time has shown us that cardio isn’t the answer to losing flab. Nowadays we know that those who train with circuits, intervals and resistance have leaner bodies Let me tell you about what the most recent studies show on the matter. There was a study done in Brazil that compared traditional aerobics with intervals and ciruit-based exercise approaches.

This program took twelve weeks to see how people responded to the different ways to exercise. There was one section of people who were used as a reference, another that did aerobics for over half an hour 3 days out of seven, and then another one that was using circuits by using over half their maximum weight for more than half an hour.

What really surprised the researchers is that by the end of the study the weight lifters were just as aerobically fit as those who were training with aerobics. Both groups boosted lower body strength equally, but the circuit-based group had the additional benefit of a stronger upper body.

This kind of performance should be disappointing to those who think that they’re getting a lot of benefit from their aerobic routines: they could be getting a lot more benefit from the same amount of time invested in exercise.

This is good news for people who have a limited time to exercise and thus cannot maintain two separate workout tracks. The bottom line is that traditional, slow cardio will not do anything good for you when it comes to burning fat. Circuit based resistance coupled with interval training is the way to get results.

The kind of movements that you want to do to get the best results are those that engage multiple muscle groupings. Therefore you should be doing squating, push ups, and rows.

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What the Fat? Multijoint Moves Target Flab

Cardiovascular routines are always going to come up short compared to working your entire physique when it comes to losing fat and shaping you bod. Aerobic exercises are not effective. They were a short fad, but they are proven not to work, even though people seem to be stuck doing the wrong thing. Even you heart’s going to be better off when you get all your muscle groups worked in a resistance program. Additionally, you gain because you reduce your risk of the injuries that so often result from cardio.

You can use the machines at your gym if you want, but you need to use them for interval training and combine that with strength training to get an effective workout in less time. You can do drills that use your body’s weight to get yourself into awesome shape to get benefits that far outweigh anything you’ve done in traditional cardio.

I’m talking about things like squatting, push up variations, and rowing that will build muscle, burn fat and increase your strength. You’re right: I’m saying that you don’t have to get involved with heavy barbells bench-presses, or other free-weight activities.

What I’m telling you to do can be done at home because you don’t need a lot of gear: just yourself.

Of course, you can always add weights if you want to, but the importance is geting your entire body involved in your exercises so you can get a great fat burning session done in a short amount of time. To illustrate this, suppose you were doing a squat with or without dumb bells. This removes leg-extensions and leg-curls that you’d use machines at the gym to perform.

When you perform pushups or DB chest presses, you’re going to avoid chest flies and tricep extenders using the equipment. Doing the chinup is going to replace pulldown machines and bicep curling.