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Special Metabolic Abs Interview With Dr K

I just finished reading this interview with Mike Geary
and Dr. Kareem who I’m sure you’ve heard of by now…
and I think you’ll love the information. It’s on
Metabolic Training, so it’s right up your alley :-)

Mike: Hey Dr. K!  Most of my readers come to me
because they believe I’m the honest source on health
and fitness… aka “The Truth” -

The other day, I shared with everyone why I think your
Metabolic Abs program is one of the most cutting-edge
and effective fat loss workouts out there, but I’m not sure
everyone is clear about your method.  What is 3D metabolic
exercise is & why does it work so well?

Dr. Kareem: Awesome to be here, Mike.  Thanks for having me.

Before you fully understand what 3D Metabolic Exercise is, let’s
just take a peek at the problem that this method was designed to solve:

Most workout programs either take too long to do, require a gym membership,
or recommend unrealistic diet expectations to help you get six pack abs.  By
definition, if you can’t follow something, it can’t work.

3D Exercise is basically the fastest way to lose fat and build six pack abs.  By
working your body in real-life ways, in all directions at once, you are simulating
the same demands that take place in daily living, but with greater resistance and
intensity.  This allows the carryover effect from exercise to be that much greater.

Metabolic exercise is a strategic balance between your three energy systems in
your body.  You have your ATP-PC energy system, Anaerobic energy system,
and Aerobic energy system.  When you work all three for a specific amount of
time/workout, and you work them in a specific sequence, you get much better results.

Finally, we combine 3D movement and our metabolic protocols with ‘Neuro Fat Loss’
techniques.  Basically, we reposition your body for better alignment of your joints and
muscles.  In turn, your posture improves, but so does your strength.  With a better
muscle strength to length ratio, your body moves more fluidly and accepts muscle
growth more readily.

Mike: Can your 3D Exercise method be done at home and if so,
how much equipment is required?

Dr. Kareem: These workouts can absolutely be done at home.  That’s
where I do them… or when I’m traveling, in a hotel room or hotel gym.
There are a few pieces of equipment I use in the videos, but I also
provide you with household equipment suggestions if you’re working
out in your home and need some advice there.

I have clients who do just the bodyweight version of every exercise and
they get GREAT results.  I find that I do this if I’m in a hotel room and
don’t have a great place to exercise.  It’s my ten minute back up plan
when I’m in a pinch, because it consistently gets me some of the best
results out of anything I do, no matter how long.

If you don’t have a lot of time, I totally get it.  I’ve been there too.

Each workout is 10 minutes.  There are 5, meaning that you will exercise
5 days/week for 10 minutes/workout.  That’s a total of 50 minutes of
workouts per week.  Less than one hour!

Mike: 10 minutes a day is fast.  That’s one of my favorite aspects about
Metabolic Abs training, is the speed.  Sometimes you just want to grab
a really quick workout and know it’s super effective.

Dr. Kareem: Thanks Mike!  I want to bring up another point… A lot of
older adults out there are afraid to participate in an exercise program
that is intense.  Age alone isn’t a reason not to do an intense fat loss
program, but it’s always wise to check with your doctor before starting
an exercise program if you have any conditions that would warrant
his/her approval or if this is your first time exercising.

For your information, my current oldest client in Ab Strength Guide is
an 84 year old woman.  My youngest is an 8 year old boy, who does
bodyweight only.  It doesn’t matter – they’re both getting great results.

The key is that you choose an exercise program that is adjustable by
intensity, duration, and range of motion.  Then, you simply work to
progress all the time.  Once you are able to hit a certain level of intensity,
your results show up nearly instantly.  It’s really funny how we hit a
“tipping point” with so many things in life, ya know?

Mike: Totally.  I think the same thing is true with nutrition.  A lot of
people don’t have a clue how to start eating healthy and clean until
they do.  It takes a few days or weeks to find where you can get the
best deals on everything, but then you’re all set…. When you look
back, it’s hard to imagine eating any other way.  …all the while,
you’re just getting leaner the whole time.

That said, one thing that caught my attention that you just said was
that you’ve created a workout method where your client can self-adjust
the level?

Dr. Kareem: Now, that’s the really cool aspect of Metabolic Abs Training.
In the beginning, just learn the movements and how to ‘feel’ an exercise in
the right place.  This, alone, will produce an outstanding result if you’re
just starting out, especially because of how dynamic each movement is.
Your body will naturally balance out, and fat will shed right off once
your body is in balance.

As you become more experienced, or if that’s where you are right now,
your intensity increases, and the results do as well.  At my record lowest
bodyfat of 7.5%, I was using these workouts on a regular basis, b/c I can
depend on them to get me insane results every time.

Mike: Shifting focus, completely, there’s something really cool
I’d like to share with you:

In addition to getting you six pack abs, these workouts were designed
to reduce joint pain if you have any.  That’s one of the reasons that
I love referring you to doc.

Dr. Kareem: Thanks Mike.  You know I consider you a mentor to all
of us with your exercise program design for fat loss.  That said, I used
these exact workouts in my own personal transformation.

I used to have extremely severe pain in most joints of my body before
losing weight and getting in great shape.  I don’t have great genes, but
I’m a big believer in taking advantage of your body’s full potential.
Metabolic Abs Training will help you do that.

Mike: It sure will.  I know I get a crazy sweat when we work out
together.  It’s been a lot of fun… you can definitely see changes
going on all the time.  It’s really cool how we just come up
with stuff back and forth.  I remember not too long ago we
were talking about how men and women are still confused
about exercising for fat loss – would you mind explaining
this in your own terms for everybody?

Dr. Kareem: Sure, I’d be happy to.  A solid fat loss workout is
proven to work with both genders.  Here’s the deal, as I know you
explained in an article before
, we are all human beings.

Our bodies secrete different amounts of testosterone and estrogen,
depending on whether we are male or female, but we both have…
well, both.

If anything, it stands to argue that a woman who wants to lose fat
will have to build a little bit of muscle first if she doesn’t have a
whole lot of meat on her body.  Otherwise, she’ll never raise her
metabolism.  I know you’ve talked about this before, but it’s your
muscle to fat ratio that ultimately dictates your metabolism.

Mike: Thanks for the interview Dr. K!  It’s always great chatting
with you about health and fitness.  Make sure to check out this
special video presentation Dr. K put up for you:

Dr. Kareem’s Method Explained —>
5 Transformation Tips

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The Six Pack Secret To Hollywood Abs

The One True Lifestyle for Washboard Abs

It’s not easy to get dreamy washboard abs, and many of you who gaze at magazine covers longingly may believe that you’re even completely unable to achieve that look. You can get there too, but it takes lots of hard work, consistency, and above all else… knowing what kind of lifestyle you need in the first place!

If you go about your fitness routine the wrong way, you’ll end up sweating away for nothing. Instead of treating yourself so harshly, why not get started right by informing yourself on that proper lifestyle beforehand? We’ll spill all the secrets for you right here, right now.

Your lifestyle needs to start with cardio. Yes, that’s right, CARDIO IS THE BEGINNING OF YOUR JOURNEY TO NEW ABS… not ab-based exercises! If some form of cardio isn’t in your life four or five days a week, you might as well not be bothering entirely. That’s because burning off the fat that’s covering your abs is as important as developing your abs!

The next step is, of course, healthy eating and keeping yourself hydrated. Plenty of water a day will give you the fuel you need to keep going through your routine, and the right low-fat foods will make that essential task of losing fat easier.

The better you do on this end, the less difficult the exercise end of things will be. But no matter how well you eat, you can’t get great abs without exercise, and no matter how hard you exercise, you can’t get great abs without eating right!

What’s the very last ingredient of the one true way to Hollywood movie star abs? It’s the ab-based exercises, of course. These will actually take up a relatively small amount of space in your schedule, only needing to be done a few times a week.

Using gym equipment like the power tower can make the process even easier, but if you don’t have access to such things, go with the good old reliable crunch. There are over a dozen different ab-based exercises available even discounting those that require equipment, so feel free to mix it up a little. You can have fun with it, so long as your abs are feeling the burn!

All these put together make the lifestyle that gives even the greatest movie stars and body builders great abs… missing any one element will ruin the entire result! So do like they do, and get your life moving in the right direction in all aspects if you really want those ripped abs.

Tired of gadgets like the absonic belt? If you want the REAL truth on which exercises truly help burn fat the fastest, using the least amount of effort, then read these 3 tips to losing weight fast for less money and in less time.

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The Fast Track To Washboard Abs With TheThis Little Exercise Gadget

I bet you’d love to have those dreamy abs as much as I do. Well, this little instrument will make it possible.
Also known by its adrenaline-infused moniker of the power tower, the captain’s chair is probably the best machine you can build your abs on if you’re desiring that perfect Hollywood washboard abs look. However, there are some tricks to using it, and not all models are equally effective. A captain’s chair well-used will get you a dream body, but used poorly and you’re just tiring yourself out pointlessly. Don’t go into your exercise routine ill-informed!

The machine is named for its resemblance to a chair, with armrests and a backrest, although it’s operated from a standing position without a seat. In a gym, you’ll see expensive models worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But a lighter-framed variant for casual home use will only cost around a hundred dollars in most stores. It is fairly bulky, and so you should plan out a space for it if intend to put one in your home.

To accomplish the primary ab-oriented exercise of the captain’s chair, one’s weight is balanced on the arms and back against the rests, while the legs are bent and lifted up till the knees are above the arms. So don’t do this one if your arms are weak! Your back should also be firmly planted on the rest and stable, or it can be strained easily. Most models will offer handles on the armrests to help with stabilization.

Once you’re in the right position and doing the exercise appropriately, it will only be a few reps before you feel the tension in your abs. As with all exercises, don’t overdo it. Instead, take a break between every set of reps, and don’t work your abs every single day.

If you’re self-conscious about your fat levels, you may also need to lose weight before you get the abs you want. The captain’s chair is a versatile machine that can offer a number of exercises, but unfortunately cardio-based ones aren’t among its repertoire. But cardio is one of the easiest exercise types to work into anyone’s lifestyle. Although time-consuming, it requires no real equipment to do properly. Even just a little jogging on a weekly basis can do a lot for weight loss. And the faster you shed those pounds, the faster you can see the muscles your abs are developing. So long as you remember to not expect more out of your body than it can give you under its environment, you’ll never be disappointed with your abs.

To check out more reviews on other ab gadgets, check out our absonic belt review or our ab rocket abdominal trainer review

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Try This Little Trick To Get Incredible Abs

Incredible abs: almost every man secretly wants them, and most women wish they had a man with them. But they seem so completely impossible for the typical man to attain! Yet, the principles behind getting truly ripped abs aren’t as unobtainable as you’d think. By understanding the role balance has to play in the development of our core muscles, you can exercise relatively little to get a lot of ab growth.

The torso contains quite a lot of important muscles, but the visually obvious one that you’re thinking of when you think of ‘abs’ is the rectus abdominus. The job of this muscle isn’t to keep you upright, but to keep the spine bent forward when you want it bent. However, by making it more difficult to keep yourself balanced, you can put more pressure on your rectus abdominus.

Why would you want to do that? Because the more pressure you put on that muscle, the faster it grows, assuming a healthy fitness regimen. Crunches and situps are what you’re probably trying to get your abs ripped with… but it’s not working too well, is it? And that’s because those kinds of exercises don’t destabilize your balance enough to make your rectus abdominus work hard. To get that necessary destabilization, you need equipment.

This equipment can be as simple and cheap as an exercise ball, or it can be a fabulously expensive and efficient captain’s chair. There are several other machines for similar purposes that can all typically be found in any well-equipped gym. If you don’t want to buy these things, how about a gym or fitness club membership instead? The point with all these items is all the same: keep your body moving on a simple, basic series of movements as exercise while your primary stability is deprived of you. There’s no way to really work out your abs without forcing them to work out, by deliberately placing them in a situation that deprives them of their usual crutches.

This is obviously harder work than doing a few crunches in the morning every day. The advantages, however, are scientifically proven and objectively outweigh doing more exercise in a less efficient way. Especially when combined with just some light, basic fat-melting cardio, you’ll find that these techniques can give you wonderful abs quicker than you would have thought possible.

So get out there and give it a try, if you dare. Those dreams abs don’t have to remain a dream forever.

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Ditch Those Misconceptions On How To Get Washboard Style Abs Fast

The abs are a rather special part of your body. Getting them looking great isn’t the same as getting your biceps or triceps huge. Yet a vast amount of people start working on their abs as though they’re any other body part, using techniques for things they’re not intended for. But if you truly want those washboard abs, the first thing you need to do is drop all those misconceptions so you can approach your body in a way that will get you meaningful results.

Let’s begin with ab-specific exercises. There are no exercises that will specifically drop the fat from your abs but not from the rest of your body. No, if you want to trim down, you’re going to have to do it the hard way: through good old-fashioned cardio and other methods that slim your whole body. There’s simply no other realistic options. Once you’re on a program that will take you to your ideal fat level, there’s definitely a place for exercises just for your abs, to bulk up their muscles. But that’s not the top priority in your exercise scheme, and overdoing it can actually damage your tissues. Ab exercises two to three times a week is plenty. And when you’re picking out those exercises, don’t just go for endless crunches and situps. Work smarter, not harder, by doing fewer repetitions of more effective exercises on ab-focused equipment such as the exercise ball.

A lot of people won’t connect good abs with dieting, but honestly, a healthy diet is just as important as cardio for defining your abs. It’s not just about how much fat you work out of your body, but how much fat you put in, too. If you’re eating a lot of junk foods, you’re going to have to exercise that much harder to get your abs looking the way you want. Very few people in the standard Western society environment are physically active enough to match their diets. So, drop the sweets and switch to whole grains and fruits and vegetables. No one likes hearing it, but just like cardio, it’s the only honest answer you’ll ever get. While you don’t have to turn into a vegetarian, you do have to reduce your meat intake and cook that meat in a healthy manner.

Once you’ve stepped out of the misconception that there’s a ‘get good abs’ quick solution, you’ll be able to address things with a realistic lifestyle. If you’re ready for it, you really can have those abs you want… but you have to work for it and make it a part of your lifestyle. Temporary measures are always doomed to failure.

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Three Typical Errors to Avoid When Working for Epic Ab muscles

Great ab muscles come at a not so great price, when you stop to believe about it. But there’s a lot of people who just rush into things without having knowing what’s effective and what isn’t. As a result, they attempt harder and invest much more time for much less results. Want washboard abs? Know what works, and what doesn’t. Here are some of the typical mistakes a newcomer will make that you should prevent. By doing so, you are able to make certain each and every ounce of work and minute of one’s time is spent only doing points that get you to your goal.

Initial, counter-intuitively, much more exercise doesn’t always mean quicker or better results. Training, whether it is just your ab muscles or your body in general, ought to be spaced out with suitable resting periods. The harder you work a part of your body, the more time it requirements to rest. This allows it to break down your muscles and rebuild them appropriately. Ab-specific exercises frequently only need to be done two or 3 times a week, rather than daily.

A second misconception amateurs tend to have is that functioning on your ab muscles specifically will achieve the desired chiseled look. In reality, the ab muscles you want so clearly defined are already there, you just can’t see them simply because from the fat that’s in the way. Getting rid of fat is carried out most effectively by workouts that Do not focus on your abs. Of course, there’s a place for ab exercises to further define your ab muscles, but that only comes after you’ve taken care of the fat first.

Lastly, numerous individuals are confused about which exercises are greatest for their abs, and do too many ineffectual exercises rather than fewer amounts of much more efficient ones. Gym equipment can be a big help here. Anything that forces your body to balance itself with its core muscles, for example an exercise ball, will improve the effectiveness of an ab physical exercise. Doing workouts without equipment will always result in needing to invest much more work for the right outcomes, because your entire body can, by itself, only challenge its ab muscles so much. While situps and other such exercises will usually have a location in anyone’s routine, if you’ve better options obtainable on a normal basis, you should take advantage of them.

Basic rules like these will assist you work out for less and be much less tired at the end, although still obtaining you the abs you’re aiming for. A little forethought goes a long way, and if you don’t attempt to brute force your way to great abs through ignorance, you’ll find that it’s not so hard after all.

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The Two Key Elements to Dropping Flab and Getting Gorgeous Looking Abs

Getting washboard style ab muscles isn’t an simple task, but there is lots of people who do it, and you are capable to be 1 of them. Achieving the torso of a star all comes down to a basic formula. Should you follow it too, then the outcomes are particular to be yours. But deviating from it will always result in failure. So what’s this basic formula that’s supposed to make every thing so easy?! Careful there. Just because it’s a simple formula does not mean really using it is simple. In fact, the difficulty of going via with it even whenever you know exactly what to complete is part of why not everybody is walking around with washboard abs. But via a set of ideals narrowed down to their core, you can concentrate on what’s really important and ignore all the fluff to attain your dream abs.

The very first action in our formula would be to drop the body fat. With respect to appearances, it does not matter how strong you’re if there’s a bunch of flab covering your muscles up. While you could attempt to lose weight just within the torso it’s usually easier, a lot better, and much more practical to focus on a weight loss plan that helps out your entire body. Nevertheless, this program does not have to be especially involved. All you’ve to complete is consume correct (mostly non-fried vegetables, for the record), and jog on a daily basis. If jogging doesn’t suit you, you will find lots of other exercises in a gym or inside your own house that may replace it. The essential point would be to exercise until you are truly tired, to burn off fat, and to eat sensibly, which indicates you maintain it off. Don’t go for temporary trend diets – make adjustments for your way of life that you truly feel able to maintain up with indefinitely.

While doing all that, though, you ought to also balance points out with the second half from the formula: workouts that will grow your ab muscles into large stunning muscle tissues. Unlike the first action, this component will rely more on activities that concentrate specifically on your ab muscles. Anything that puts you off balance to ensure that your ab muscles need to take up the slack will help enhance your ab muscles, so you may wish to try an physical exercise ball. Basic ab workouts can be carried out with or without having an physical exercise ball or other helpful equipment, and you should try everything both ways. But this action comes having a limitation, as well. You can’t exercise your ab muscles each and every single day, or you’ll break them down quicker than they can rebuild.

And that’s truly all there is to it. Surprised that this magic formula does not have a lot more to it? You shouldn’t be. Looking great has usually been a matter of performing just a few simple things. But it’s up to you to maintain ON performing them, so do not give up on those ab muscles! Millions of individuals just like you have them, and so can you!

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The Right Machines to Get Your Abs Bursting with Defined Power

Any good gym will be equipped with a seemingly endless array of confusingly complex workout machines, each one different from the next. These are all useful for different parts of the body, but the body part most of us care about is the abdomen. If you need some help figuring out which machine to use for the six-pack you’re longing for, just read along and we’ll show the way.

One machine to begin with is the captain’s chair. It has numerous other names, such as the knee raise machine (or station) and the power tower. You can recognize it by its appearance, which includes a trim seat and handles that are similar to high chair arms. The machine is occupied and the knees are raised repeatedly with the strain being put on one’s core, thus exercising the abs.

Another piece of equipment you can easily afford to own to help your abs out is the exercise ball. With prices of ten to forty dollars, they’re some of the cheapest equipment you can get. A number of different exercises for the abs can be done with them, if you don’t mind the slightly undignified postures required.

And for a second cheap option, there’s the ab roller. This consists of a wide curled bar that encompasses the body and projects into a pair of handles. Think of it as a sit-up ‘helper’ since most of the exercises using it are performed in a similar way. MOst ab rollers have low twenty dollar price tags.

As a final example, there’s the torso track. This long, flat sliding metal equipment allows you to stretch out atop it, grip the handles, and slide your body with the handles up and down the length of the track. It’s one of the easiest ways to get in lots of reps, if your ego needs the boost. Torso tracks are a bit more expensive, but not generally so much so as a captain’s chair machine.

But even with the very best equipment, your abs can only get as strong as you help them to be. Besides willpower and a time investment, you also need sleep, energy, and nutrition to fuel the shedding of fat and the growth of muscles. And remember to not strain yourself by working over the same body part every single day. Following these simple tips when you get on the machine or equipment of your choice will help you get the most out of it, to soon attain the abs you dream of.

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Five Exercises for Great Abs

Exercising without an aim or a goal in mind is as silly as moving your body around at random and expecting to get good results from it. If you want good-looking abs, like most people do, then you’ve got to do the right ab-focused exercises. But these exercises aren’t at all hard to find out about… in fact, if you’ll just keep reading, we’ll tell you everything about the best ones available.

The bicycle exercise is the first place to start… and no, it doesn’t involve an actual bicycle! Rather, it’s just a term for an exercise where you lie on your back, hands at your head, and bring your knees towards the corresponding elbows, one side at a time. This imitates bicycle pedaling crudely, and is one of the best ways to strengthen your core abdominal muscles.

Then there’s the beloved yet sometimes ridiculed exercise ball. It’s a very effective tool, more so than you might expect, allowing you to work out your body for longer periods while not straining yourself. The crunch is the most relevant exercise for your abs when using this helpful spherical tool.

But if you don’t have an exercise ball handy, or don’t care to head to the gymnasium, then a non-ball-based crunch might be more up your alley. In that case, try the vertical leg crunch. It does require a certain amount of flexibility and endurance, though, and may not be suitable for those with husky frames.

Not tired of crunches yet? Good! We’ve got one more to go: the long arm crunch. This is a reversal of the former crunch. Instead of having the legs in the air and the arms on the ground, you position yourself the other way around. It’s also a bit easier to maintain, which is helpful for beginners.

Last of all, you can always give the plank a try. It’s a slightly modified pushup, in that the forearms support your weight instead of just your hands, and the objective is to maintain a straight air-based position for up to a minute instead of doing as many lifts as possible. This is an intuitive exercise that almost anyone can do, and also has the benefit of making progress obvious.

So before you’ve given up on Hollywood abs, try these out for size. They’re not as hard as you might think at first, and all of them are easy to work into even the busiest daily schedule. They might just build you a better body: the one you deserve.

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Five Easy Ways to Get the Washboard Abs You’ve Dreamt Of

Don’t give up on attaining the defined, muscular abs of your dreams. They may seem like an impossible thing to acquire if you’ve just contented yourself living a carefree life, but just a few changes to take care of your body can make those abs yours. The things you need to do to get great abs are simple and little, and can be reduced to a five step program that works for everyone.

The first step is one many people forget, but you can’t show off your abs if you’ve got fat covering them. Therefore, using an exercise program that helps you lose unwanted fat is at the top of the list of things to do for good abs. The best overall method is through cardio-based exercise, but there are many different variations on cardio. You can swim, jog, power walk, or do any number of other different routines… whatever you enjoy best and find most convenient.

But even when you exercise, if you give yourself more fat than you’re burning, you’ll make no progress. That’s why the second thing to do is stay away from fast food, fried foods (especially deep fried) and other examples of unhealthy meals. Stop making bad food a part of your everyday lifestyle! It shouldn’t be a part of your weekly diet, let alone your daily one.

But you’ve given up all your usual foods, so what are you supposed to eat instead? That brings us to the third step, which is eating fruits, vegetables, and other healthy sources of nutrition. These foods will give you the power you need to get through your workout routine and drop fat without adding any on. If you must enjoy meat, try non-red and low-fat versions such as fish.

The second to last thing for getting those godly abs is to perform ab-specific exercises every few days. You can’t do them all the time, or your body won’t be able to recover and strengthen itself. But you can’t just lose weight and expect to show off muscles that you don’t have, either. Ab-based exercises alongside a good cardio program will get you the body you want. But only if you follow this last step and…

Stay hydrated while exercising! Proper water intake is one of the most vital parts of exercise. Without it, you won’t be able to keep exercising long or hard enough, and you won’t get the results you’re looking for. Instead of blaming yourself for being tired, drink more water and keep on going. By doing that along with everything else mentioned above, you will definitely attain your dreamt of abs.