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Benefits of a Big Breakfast

There is now enough medical research that has been published to prove that a big breakfast is the way to go – not only when you’re trying to lose weight, but as a general lifestyle practice.  Here are the top 3 reasons why a big breakfast is good for you:

Fuel Your Body and Brain –Most people concentrate their calories during dinner.  It doesn’t make sense to fuel up heavily at night when you are not solving the next work issue and when you can’t burn off the calories just consumed, right?  So switch that around and make those calories work for you. The mix of nutrients and calories gets your white cells going for a productive day.

It also gives you the energy for high-quality workouts to move along your weight-loss or weight-maintenance plan.

Jump Start Your Metabolism – Breakfast literally means breaking the fast that your body has been on through the night.

Metabolism slows down during any ‘fasting’ period, including while you are sleeping, as your body kicks into survival mode. Your heart rate slows down and so do all body functions, including digestion.  Your body will also be more likely to store calories from dinner into fat cells through this period.

Focus on a big breakfast instead to shake off the ‘survival mode’.  Breakfast gets your metabolism jump-started early in the day so your body can get back to to burning off calories and stored fat.  If you skip breakfast, remember that you prolong the ‘survival mode’ and slow metabolism phase for your body until lunch.

Make Food Your Ally in Weight Loss – A big, balanced breakfast with a balanced mix of protein and carbohydrates keeps you feeling full and satiated longer so you don’t feel the need to munch on empty calories later.

Any calories saved equals eventual weight loss.  Eggs, banana, oatmeal with milk and a glass of orange juice for breakfast may save you quite a few calories from a couple of brownies or a bag of chips later.

So, keeping the above in mind, get started right away in making everyday a big breakfast day!

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Dr. Michael Allen
Fitness Instructor & Fat Loss Factor™ Founder

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