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Avoid The Lunge!

You know that I really like the lunge, but today my message to you is to stop doing it. The truth is that some people shouldn’t be doing the lunge. Here’s a good example of a person that would be better off avoiding the lunge. I was doing prison lunges myself when this woman came in and was trying to lunge, but she kept falling. Every time she tried she would cave over to one side. I’d see how she was twisting her legs and knees and was putting herself at serious risk of injury.

What made this scene even worse is that she was holding dumb bells the whole time. So this is what I mean when I say that some people should stop doing the lunge.

Besides those with obvious balance issues, there are others who have soreness in the knee and insufficient muscular development to be doing lunges. I get a lot of people asking me what they can do to replace the lung in their workout routine. This is a good question.

Let’s get started on the floor and move up to erect exercises that will help get your body worked without damage to your knees.

* Two legged Hip-Bridges
* Two Legged Balance-Ball Curling
* Two Legged Hip-Bridges-On-Ball * Single legged Hip-Extensions
* Wall-Ball-Squats
* Body Weight Squatting

* Prison Squats with body-weight
* Wye-squatting
* Belza-splitting-squats

* Splitting-Squats
* Lunging Reverses
* Lunging Forward

Let me tell you a quick secret: get some work done with the splitting squats before you try lunging. These are good because with each foot remaining on the ground, you have an easier time of it.

If you’ll get started right, you will avoid situations where you’re falling down and embarrassing yourself.

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Dr. Michael Allen
Fitness Instructor & Fat Loss Factor™ Founder

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