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24 Minutes Work for 24 Hours Fitness

I’m going to give you some simple drills that help you get a good fat burn workout done without leaving the house. These are done without any equipment or traditional aerobics. There’s a real probem with a lot of people where they can’t get the time or opportunity to go to a fitness club during the day every day. People avoid exercising at home a lot because they think that a lot of weights and other gear are needed to be able to do it properly. So what exercises can you do at the house that don’t require a lot of extra stuff? I’m about to tell you.

I have some that can be used with dumbbells, but you can do them just with your body’s mass: these exercises are perfect for home. There’s enough room for your own preferences so that you can change things around to keep your workout session interesting.

You’ll probably find that you can get better results at home anyway: you don’t need a machine to get into shape! Ready to start? One: Squatting with your body’s weight.

Two: Push ups or kneel-push ups.

Combine this first pair into one mega set without any resting in between. You should do at least eight reps of each of them, but you should try to do twelve. If you find that these aren’t challenging enough, pick up some dumb bells to use with the squats and change the regular push-ups into declining push-ups to increase difficulty.

If you’re just getting started, just do the push up from the kneel and use your own weight for squatting.

When you get the pair complete, take a break and then repeat a few more rounds of the mega set. Three: Squatting Splits.

Four: Climbing mountains.

The splitting squat is the same as lunging in place, requiring each foot to be separated from the other as one steps to the front.

For stability, you can use a wall to help with balancing. To make the drill more advanced, do it with dumb bells in your hands.

Make sure you complete eight reps on the left and eight on the right before moving on to the climbers.

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Dr. Michael Allen
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