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What Makes Protein Smoothies Worth The Price

Every day seems to bring a new diet or a new trend in eating or drinking. Each one is supposed to be healthier than the last, but many turn out to be pure fluff or simply inefficient. However, a good protein smoothie is one thing you can rely on for known, quantified effects on the body. If used wisely, they can help you get healthier, and we’re going to tell you exactly why that is.

One of the first things you’ll notice about these smoothies is that they’re unusually filling. While you can drink a cup of coffee and still crave a proper breakfast to go with it, one properly-made protein smoothie will fill you up for at least a few hours. Because of this they can effectively replace a meal at any time of the day. If you have an appropriate container you can even take them with you wherever you happen to roam.

Another great benefit is that they’re extremely easy on the digestive system. Being mostly liquid, they can be absorbed into the body easily. Waste elimination is similarly no great hassle, unlike the problems associated with spicy or fried food. If you have a sensitive stomach, starting your day with a smoothie instead of fried eggs is less likely to give you nausea.

They’re also incredibly simple to adjust and tweak. Do you want your smoothie less strong? Add in some water to dilute it. Do you want it powerful? Ditch the water altogether! Need more protein without adding real food in? Mix in a protein supplement powder. Diary, fruit, vegetable, even meat… all sorts of protein smoothies are possible, and you should feel free to customize your own to your personal likings.

Due to the aforementioned flexibility in ingredients and quantities, how good a protein smoothie is for you will depend on the individual recipe. But something the good ones all have in common is the fact that they provide you plenty of protein-based energy throughout the day, while not loading you down with fat or overly unhealthily elements. Since there’s no cooking involved, even otherwise unhealthy ingredients can become healthy in their raw, pristine states. Instead of burning away all the nutrients, you get every last drop into your body to fuel it. This makes protein smoothies a very efficient fuel source.

Although those aren’t the only benefits to a protein smoothie, they are the biggest ones. So by now, if you’re interested in trying a smoothie of your very own, try a base of ice with milk or juice, and berries or fruits for flavor. This will result in a traditional protein smoothie that will help introduce you to the world of protein-based beverages gently yet flavorfully.

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The Right Machines to Get Your Abs Bursting with Defined Power

Any good gym will be equipped with a seemingly endless array of confusingly complex workout machines, each one different from the next. These are all useful for different parts of the body, but the body part most of us care about is the abdomen. If you need some help figuring out which machine to use for the six-pack you’re longing for, just read along and we’ll show the way.

One machine to begin with is the captain’s chair. It has numerous other names, such as the knee raise machine (or station) and the power tower. You can recognize it by its appearance, which includes a trim seat and handles that are similar to high chair arms. The machine is occupied and the knees are raised repeatedly with the strain being put on one’s core, thus exercising the abs.

Another piece of equipment you can easily afford to own to help your abs out is the exercise ball. With prices of ten to forty dollars, they’re some of the cheapest equipment you can get. A number of different exercises for the abs can be done with them, if you don’t mind the slightly undignified postures required.

And for a second cheap option, there’s the ab roller. This consists of a wide curled bar that encompasses the body and projects into a pair of handles. Think of it as a sit-up ‘helper’ since most of the exercises using it are performed in a similar way. MOst ab rollers have low twenty dollar price tags.

As a final example, there’s the torso track. This long, flat sliding metal equipment allows you to stretch out atop it, grip the handles, and slide your body with the handles up and down the length of the track. It’s one of the easiest ways to get in lots of reps, if your ego needs the boost. Torso tracks are a bit more expensive, but not generally so much so as a captain’s chair machine.

But even with the very best equipment, your abs can only get as strong as you help them to be. Besides willpower and a time investment, you also need sleep, energy, and nutrition to fuel the shedding of fat and the growth of muscles. And remember to not strain yourself by working over the same body part every single day. Following these simple tips when you get on the machine or equipment of your choice will help you get the most out of it, to soon attain the abs you dream of.

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Five Exercises for Great Abs

Exercising without an aim or a goal in mind is as silly as moving your body around at random and expecting to get good results from it. If you want good-looking abs, like most people do, then you’ve got to do the right ab-focused exercises. But these exercises aren’t at all hard to find out about… in fact, if you’ll just keep reading, we’ll tell you everything about the best ones available.

The bicycle exercise is the first place to start… and no, it doesn’t involve an actual bicycle! Rather, it’s just a term for an exercise where you lie on your back, hands at your head, and bring your knees towards the corresponding elbows, one side at a time. This imitates bicycle pedaling crudely, and is one of the best ways to strengthen your core abdominal muscles.

Then there’s the beloved yet sometimes ridiculed exercise ball. It’s a very effective tool, more so than you might expect, allowing you to work out your body for longer periods while not straining yourself. The crunch is the most relevant exercise for your abs when using this helpful spherical tool.

But if you don’t have an exercise ball handy, or don’t care to head to the gymnasium, then a non-ball-based crunch might be more up your alley. In that case, try the vertical leg crunch. It does require a certain amount of flexibility and endurance, though, and may not be suitable for those with husky frames.

Not tired of crunches yet? Good! We’ve got one more to go: the long arm crunch. This is a reversal of the former crunch. Instead of having the legs in the air and the arms on the ground, you position yourself the other way around. It’s also a bit easier to maintain, which is helpful for beginners.

Last of all, you can always give the plank a try. It’s a slightly modified pushup, in that the forearms support your weight instead of just your hands, and the objective is to maintain a straight air-based position for up to a minute instead of doing as many lifts as possible. This is an intuitive exercise that almost anyone can do, and also has the benefit of making progress obvious.

So before you’ve given up on Hollywood abs, try these out for size. They’re not as hard as you might think at first, and all of them are easy to work into even the busiest daily schedule. They might just build you a better body: the one you deserve.

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Bump Up Your Intensity To Burn Fat Rapidly

You should see how shocked I am when I hear clients say that their routines are too easy. When I do strengthening and intervals in a session I am exhausted from the workout. I don’t remember ever finishing by session and thinking that I didn’t work hard enough to do any good. So if what you’re not doing isn’t getting the job done, we need to fix it so that it does.

Take a little time and see how I would do the same program and then you can see for yourself if you are exercising with the intensity you ought to be using I realize that the weight I’d use might be heavier or lighter than something you would use, but you need to choose a level that’s going to push your limits.

What we need to do is make the workout so that it will burn fat. I’m going to look at the mid-range section from the workout manual and see what we can do.

Do a good warmup to get ready to exercise. Work till you’re ready to sweat and then move on with the mega-set.

1a: Do eight repetitions of splitting squats with bells of sixty or seventy pounds. 1b: Inclined pressing with dumbbells. Do eight iterations of these. I would probably take eighty or ninety lb. bells to get a good workout.

2a: Fifteen Balance-ball leg-curls. To make this harder, do twenty five or do it with one leg only.

3b: Delt-Rear Raises, qty ten, with fifteen or twenty lb. DBs should be pretty tough. Once you get this intensified session finished, take a break for a minute or two and then hop on the tread-mill to do an interval workout.

Intervals A:

An interval should never be anything but hard to do. I’ll go at about 12 mph with a machine if I wasn’t doing it outdoors.

If you’re new to this, you can always walk for intervals at 3.75 mph.

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My Secret Transformational Fat Loss Tips

Five days out of seven you get out of bed and go do your exercise routine. This is really nice, but if this is all you are doing, you are limiting your fat loss success. Here’s where moderate success and dramatic success are contrasted. The difference is that you need to have nutritious eating habits.

No matter how much you are exercising, there’s only a certain amount of progress you can make toward fat loss if you’re not eating right. It’s really hard to out-exercise a terrible eating pattern.

You’ll get a lot more results from your workouts if you keep your diet in check too. Here, I am going to tell you a few simple strategies that will get you eating better and accelerate your fat loss efforts.

1. Stop absent minded eating.

Regardless of your eating plan, the goal should always be the same: eat fewer calories than you burn in a day. This means that you should think before stuffing more food in your mouth.

Stop eating as you drive or walk. Don’t eat food unless it’s healthy. Don’t eat as a result of emotional stress. Watch what you eat between meal times. Don’t eat out of duty or habit.

2. Keep a record of what you eat. Some people are really surprised to find out how much they are really eating once they start a food journal.

The list also reveals the kind of food you are eating and what is being left out. What I suggest is that you take about two weeks to record your entire caloric intake. It’s pretty intense doing this, but the results will pay off.

3. Plan ahead. If you get a menu planned you won’t get caught needing something fast and easy to eat. Determining what you are going to eat will help you stay on your healthy program on the road and at the grocery store. Planning ahead will also help keep you from resorting to frozen meals or fast food when you’re in a hurry. You’ll see that you are looking better faster by paying attention to nutrition while working out.

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Making a Great Protein-Based Smoothie

A satisfying protein smoothie is one of the best ways to start out the day. When prepared properly, they’re healthier than anything fried in a skillet, while being just as filling and delicious. In fact, the biggest problem with protein smoothies is that there’s so many ways to make them that you may easily get confused. Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the best and most popular protein smoothie recipes, so that you have a good idea of where to start. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with branching out if the ideas below don’t suit you.

Adding a small amount of a protein supplement, usually a powdered form intended specifically for beverages, will let you get protein into any kind of smoothie you make. The benefit is that it lets you get the nutrition independent of any other ingredients. However, afterwards you need to calculate how much the ingredients affect the overall composition when added in. By choosing good regular ingredients you can often avoid the need for supplements altogether.

Diary products such as yogurt and milk are great thinners, but they do need to be in low-fat form when possible. Fruit juices are also a valid option in some cases, though they may be too sweet when combined with other ingredients.

Of course, the important part of a smoothie isn’t the thinner but the base that gives it substance. Fruits such as bananas, peaches, and seedless cherries can be a good start and often work well together in many different proportions. Peanut butter and other peanut-derived products are even better, and can be a great way to contrast sweetness with a bit of saltiness.

The single best thing you can put in your protein smoothie, though, is egg whites. The best way to incorporate them is in raw form, but this may not be safe if you live in a country with factory farming conditions for poultry. Failing that, boiling is the second best option, and once blended thoroughly the whites will become a happy part of your smoothie.

Finally, some words on proper protein diets. If you don’t exercise, increasing your protein intake above normal levels will only cause you to gain weight with no benefits. That’s why you should always remember to enjoy protein at a level that matches your lifestyle, and exercise along with whatever you eat. Only by living a well-rounded and balanced life can you make good use of any proteins and other forms of nutrition that are coming in to your body.

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Fast Weight Loss Formula For Females

Women have fatty tissue concerns that is unique to them. Many women pursue cardiovascular routines, fat loss class, and other exercises, but don’t get much for their efforts in the way of addressing those tough spots. I’ve had a lot of women from moms to business people who make a lot of effort, but they still weigh the same and the still can’t hardly fit in their clothes. I recall a conversation I had once with one of my best clients: I was telling her about the ways to get rid of that tough fat that women want to lose.

She was amazed because all the magazines keep telling her to do more cardiovascular work and to reduce fat intake. She thought she knew it all already. Of course I prefaced my talk by reminding her that relying on cardio to take care of the stomach and thigh problem was never going to work.

Are you ready to get to the bottom of the female fat problem? Here we go. Secret-1: Exercise with intervals, not cardiovascular.

There are numerous studies that demonstrate that intervals get the most results, especially when you consider the amount of time you spend.

These burst exercises got her arms and things looking better in just a few weeks. Secret-2: Target fat by improving the nutritional content of the food you eat.

Get rid of all that sugar and carbohydrates that come from Starbucks and other sources.

And, no, running is no excuse for eating more foods that are making you fat. Secret-3: Exercise with body mass to shape your body and increase your metabolic rate.

Exercising with lightweight dumbbells aren’t going to do very much, but once you leverage the weight of your body, you’ll find a significant improvement to your body.

Secret-4: Ditch crunches and do whole body exercises to deal with tummy fat.

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How This List Of Fat Burning Foods Will Boost Your Metabolism

What foods work great for fast fat burning?

We all understand that we need to eat our fruits and veggies because they have he highest vitamin and mineral content of any other food.

Did you know that these are the best foods for weight loss also?

Raw fruits and veggies carry a much larger content of vitamins and minerals than your cooked foods.

Heat during the cooking process damages the vitamin and mineral content and kills natural enzymes.

Vitamins and minerals give you the building blocks for your cells to stay healthy, and for your hormones to work properly which is why they are classified as foods that help to burn fat fast.

With the bad press that multi-vitamins have gotten recently, we should explore all possible areas for getting our vitamin and mineral requirements met naturally.

I’ve put together a list for you of some of the best raw foods with lots of vitamins and minerals to make your body healthy, your age decrease and your belly, butt and thighs to slim down.

When used in addition to a moderate amount of healthy organic grassfed meats, and some raw dairy products, it is possible to get our nutrients from diet. It is also important to note that some foods truly are ‘super-foods’ like green leafy vegetables or broccoli. That’s because they provide a significant amount of more than one nutrient per serving.

Here is your list broken down into vitamin/ mineral content:

Vitamin A
Any green leafy vegetables including Spinach
Yellow vegetables like Squash
Dried Apricots

Vitamin B group
Green leafy vegetables
Seeds and nuts.

Vitamin C
Green leafy vegetables
All berries

Vitamin E
Nuts and seeds

Vitamin K
Green leafy vegetables

Green Leary vegetables
Dried apricots
Chickpeas (garbanzo beans)

Tahini/sesame seeds
Green leafy vegetables

Sesame seeds/tahini


For best results, eat 6-9 servings of these fast fat burning foods to your diet today.

Not only will you look younger, but you might be able to sqeeze into those skinny jeans again.

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Fitness Goals To Live By For The Rest Of Your Life

If you set some goals, you can permanently remove the conflicts in your life that make you fat. I want you to be active in controlling your frame of mind and put this information to good use. Let me tell you about an interview I had with a renowned fitness expert. The essential part of this was how important setting goals for your weight-loss program really is.

There are some good suggestions that I have for you that will help you leverage goals to get the body you want. What keeps a lot of people away from success is that they really don’t know what they want, so there’s no way to measure success.

So you need to sit down and define what you would like to look like and how you want to feel about yourself. It’s important not to compromise when you set down your goals: you want to say what you want, not what you think is possible.

Just get a picture in your mind what you would be if anything at all were possible for you. Do yourself a favor and don’t consider what other people say when you’re thinking.

See, when you know what you’d really like, you will have a passion to pursue it: it’s hard to get excited about something medicore and limited. It’s kind of like reading a book that is really interesting and engrossing compared to reading a book about something you don’t even care about.

So you really need to be looking for that passionate enthusiasm that comes from deep with in when you recognize exactly what you want to be.

Telling yourself to moderate your expectations is going to be self-defeating because you believe that you are unable to accomplish your dreams. What kind of passion is that going to create? You’ll never get anywhere as long as you think you’re a loser who can’s make great achievements.

How can you be passionate about being an overweight under acheiver? That’s not very exciting and it’s far below what you can be.

Another problem is fear of failure. You’ll never get anywhere as long as you let other people’s opinions or your own beliefs hold you down.

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Choosing Herbal Products for Colon Cleansing

There are far too many different products on the herb-based body cleansing market for anyone to know what to look for at first. But you can take a shortcut instead of doing all the research, and just take our word on some of the better products currently available. You don’t have to trust us, though… we’ll explain why these products are good colon cleansers, and you can verify those facts for yourself, if you like!

Colonix is a pretty difficult product to miss, with effective if tolerably non-loud marketing. The top ingredients in this product are, in order: psyllium husks, flax seed, fennel, licorice, aloe vera, grapefruit, papaya, slippery elm bark, marshmellow root, rhubarb, alfalfa, guar gum, peppermint, and uva ursi. That’s a mouthful, but don’t worry, we’re not going to examine them all. Take a look at flax seed, for instance. It’s a known, reliable laxative, in addition to being a blood sugar stabilizer. Aloe performs a very similar function, in addition to its numerous other benefits you’re probably already aware of.

If Colonix isn’t quite your price, you may want to try Organic Bowel Cleanse from the Renew Life company instead. Besides being cheaper, it has a more comprehensive ingredient list with specified quantities for some of the more prominent items. As with Colonix, flax also features prominently here. Oat bran is another great major ingredient choice. Acacia fiber is a third useful herbal ingredient, mostly based on making the absorbing of nutrients by the gastrointestinal tract more efficient.

Dr. Schulze products are also definitely worth mentioning. Like the other examples, they work mostly through natural herbs. Unlike the others, though, particular care is taken into offering optional planned packages that help you organize your colon cleansing on a daily basis. While sometimes expensive, overall the added guidelines are a definite help that many find worth it. Some unusual ingredient choices are evident in many of their toxin-fighting wares, such as red clover blossom, burdock root, and habanero pepper. However, these are all verified to be useful for aiding digestion and clearing the body of unwanted waste and toxins.

All this is really just the tip of the iceberg, though. If you’ve tried those and seen no positive results, or you don’t like the look of them, there are plenty of other options out there. We’ve just shared some of the most popular ones with you, in the hopes that you’ll like them as much as we do.