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How I Found the Right Way to Do a Colon Cleanse – And How You Can Too

Different people have different bodies, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that what works for one person won’t work for everyone. I found that out myself when I tried a few different ways to embark on a light colon cleansing regimen – just enough to make sure everything was in working order. There’s a lot of colon cleansing information out there, and it took me a long time to sort through it all. Here’s the highlights of what I’ve learned from looking and personal experience!

Enemas seemed like the first place to start, so I tried a few different kinds. Coffee ones, besides being just plain a waste of good coffee, turn out to be not that great for your electrolyte balance. In fact, plain water seems to work as well as anything else, but it’s not a magical cure-all.

I also tried a few colon cleanse laxative supplements. Well, they definitely worked… sort of! Some of them have reputations of actually causing the symptoms they’re supposed to prevent. And I found it hard to tell between the good ones and the bad ones, since there’s just so many of them out there.

Just when I’d tried everything else, I decided to give herbs a go. A few plants for general health never hurt anyone, right? That was where I had my personal breakthrough. Some Indian gooseberry and Eclipta alba every once in a while not only improved my digestive health, it also improved my overall mood and soothed my throat!

Now, other people have reported entirely different reactions to some of the colon cleanse products I’ve tried. Heck, some people have even had the same solution I settled on and complained about nothing happening. It just goes to show that each body is unique to itself, and we can’t give up on getting our bodies working right, just because it takes a little experimenting. Without that addition to my diet for colon cleansing, I wouldn’t be the man I am today.

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Three Rules to Live By for Getting Rid of Fat

1 – Eat less, more often. It’s only natural for people to want to eat to fill moments. The very act of eating is enjoyable all by itself, which is why the market has things like chewing gum and beef jerky in it. So take advantage of those, and deliberately reduce your rate of consumption. By dragging meals out over time when possible, you get to enjoy them longer, which makes it easier to eat less overall. If this isn’t possible for your current environment, try water bottles, gum, and other long-lasting items that will keep your mouth busy without being inappropriate.

2 – Get out and do something. With more and more activity being centered around computers and other stationary items, it’s hard to make yourself get any physical activity. But this is vital to human wellbeing, and you can’t lose weight by starving yourself to make up for not burning calories. Instead of driving, ride a bicycle or walk whenever possible. It’s good for your body, and good for your budget. Try to come up with reasons to get yourself to get up and move, no matter how flimsy. Throw away your remote control, and get up and change that channel the hard way, if that’s what it takes!

3 – Keep your spirits up. Believe it or not, loss of morale is a huge offender that keeps people from sticking to their diets and exercise regimens. Fight this enemy off before it even attacks by giving yourself perky background music, enjoyable but healthy snacks, and decorations that boost your mood. Keep your mood positive, and you’ll have fun being healthy. Let your mood slide into negativity, and every little attempt to drop a pound or two will seem far harder than it really is. Remember that your mind, as part of your body, is a major influence on everything else you do. Your fitness has to start with your mind, and spread to the rest of your body from there.

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Five Meats That Won’t Ruin Your Diet

For many people, the hardest part about losing weight is staying away from deliciously unhealthy foods that are a big part of their daily lives. Now, to some extent this is simply a hard fact you have to deal with – you can’t gorge yourself on steaks and cookies and still drop the pounds. However, at the same time many people go too far and drop delicious meats from their diets entirely, making it too difficult on themselves. Instead of converting entirely to salads and whole wheat bread, considering switching your meat choices over to some healthier alternatives.

1 – Turkey. In America, this bird is usually restricted to Thanksgiving, and that’s a darn shame. Turkey is one of the best meats you can enjoy while not fattening yourself up, and goes well with many different ingredients. Why not try it out for something besides the traditional Thanksgiving oven-cooked whole turkey?

2 – Chicken. It’s obvious, but still needs to be said. Chicken meat is versatile, readily available, and cheap. It also comes commonly precooked, which makes for an easier time in the kitchen.

3 – Fish. Rarely seen in traditional American meals, this seafaring critter is distinctive, delicious, and crammed full of vitamins that are usually missing from one’s diet. If you haven’t tried a few kinds of fish, you really should, as they have quite a bit of flavor variety.

4 – Venison. The hunter’s delight, this red meat is quite low in fat. You may not have the time or inclination to hunt yourself, but if you know anyone who does, then give them a call sometime and ask about their venison stocks.

5 – Anything Lean When Cooked Properly. Perhaps the saddest thing of all is how many meats get a bad reputation, just because they’re usually cooked in unhealthy ways. If you reduce the fat in a meat as much as possible before and during cooking, and cook it in a generally healthy way instead of frying it, then you’ll find that you can eat all your favorites in moderation. Steaming, grilling, and baking are all good alternatives to frying.

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Practical Cleansing for Your Liver – Why It’s Not Just a Myth

The liver is just one of many parts of the body that isn’t generally treated well by the average Western lifestyle. The standard diet of a civilized human being isn’t so civilized to our livers! If you frequently deal with fatique, poor appetite, jaundice, or discolored urine, then it’s entirely probable that your liver’s been damaged. But it’s better to stop the risk of injury before injury occurs. All you have to do is adjust your diet appropriately, so that your liver gets what it needs and doesn’t get the things that weaken it.

Increased intake of vitamin E is one essential step. It can be found most highly in green leafy vegetables, milk, eggs, various seeds and nuts, and wholegrain foods. It’s also possible to find in vegetable oils, but only when they’re not heated – so no, you can’t deep fry your food as an excuse to eat healthier! Be careful when taking vitamin E supplements, as excessive use can be just as bad as vitamin E deficiency, only with different problems like strokes and heart issues.

Many types of vegetables, particularly cruciferous ones, will generally help your liver cleanse itself. These include diverse plants such as cabbage, bok choy, horseradish, collard greens, turnips, watercress, and wasabi. Obviously this part of liver cleansing is little problem for fans of Eastern cuisine.

A final vitamin to enjoy to keep your liver in good condition is the famous vitamin C. Although most well-known for being found in oranges, red peppers, parsley, and broccoli actually have higher levels of it. There are many other foods with it as well, but these are the ones most commonly known by Western minds.

All this good food intake isn’t the only solution, however. You should also avoid excessive drinking, as it’s a sure way to damage the liver. There are advanced methods to cleanse and detoxify the liver if necessary once the damage has already been done. However, these vary widely from one source to the next, and there’s a lot of myths to sort out from the science. Liver flushes, enemas, and other techniques should be studied and used on a case by case basis, as appropriate for the particular problem and patient involved.

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The Three Best Exercises to Lose Weight Effectively and Enjoyably

There are some ways to move your whole body that are great for dropping pounds, as well as being fun. Exercise being enjoyable is important, since it helps make the time fly and makes the whole routine less of a chore and more of a fun hobby. If you try some of these fun suggestions out, you might find that getting to your ideal size isn’t as hard as you thought.

1 – Dancing! This recommendation comes with a big caveat – not just any dancing will do. You’re obviously not going to get much of a workout from a slow waltz or tango. To truly lose weight while dancing, you need to engage in fast dances over reasonable durations. While you may be tired and sweaty by the end, don’t worry, everyone else on the club floor is no better off. If this sort of thing appeals to you, there are many venues for it, especially in urban areas. If you’re more of a private person, you can still try out dancing as exercise by enjoying Dance Dance Revolution and similar dance-based video games in your home.

2 – Swimming! If you’ve ever watched the Olympics, you’re fully aware of how great an accomplished swimmer looks. It’s really not so hard to achieve that kind of sculpted body, though. Swimming makes it natural to exercise every major muscle in your body, unlike many other exercises that are limited to specific parts. It’s also an excellent way to cool off during a hot summer, and has many variations that allow you to personalize your participation to suit you.

3 – Racquetball or tennis! It’s easy to let time fly by when you’re running from one end of the court to the other trying to catch that speeding ball. These activities keep you in steady motion, and improve coordination and aiming as well as your general stamina and strength. They’re cheap to get started at, too – a decent cheap racquet and a ball can be bought for twenty or thirty dollars total. They’re also sports you can enjoy alone, or with other people, whichever you prefer.

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Is The Next Biggest Loser In Your Family

Millions of people watch the NBC hit show the Biggest Loser and sit back and wish it was them that could lose 20 pounds in one week. Many would love the opportunity to train with the best of the best trainers Jillian and Bob. They are the dynamic duo of weight loss. The biggest loser forum is full of people who would do anything they could to get on the show and talk about it constantly.
By now viewers of The Biggest Loser know that getting those same results on your own is not reality. The contestants on the show workout six or more hours a day and their diet is heavily monitored. There are no temptations to drive through a McDonald or grab a pizza. They are not working an 8 to 5 job, and are relieved of any family obligations,
Here in the reality, we may not be able to get those big weekly numbers but we can be biggest losers as well. Typically when starting a weight loss program we are to aim for 1-2 pounds loss a week. Weight loss is all about the numbers game. Cutting 500 calories a day, 3,500 calorie deficit a week. Pounds, waist circumference, body fat percentage, it all deals with numbers. Doesn’t really matter which number you use as your main reference, the object is to lower it. A person can follow a few tips to lower the numbers.
Drink 8 cups of water a day. If you are working out the way you should be working out for maximum weight loss then you will need to drink more. A good reference is half your weight in ounces.
Exercise a minimum of 60 minutes day. Not the 30 minutes you typically read about. Take an aerobics class at the gym, which typically last 50-55 minutes, and add on a 30 minute or more workout on the treadmill. As time allows, add more to your workouts. Biggest Loser contestants do over 6 hours a day, but in reality we don’t have the time to allow for that. Split up the workouts throughout the day if time is an issue. 30 minutes first thing in the morning, 30 minutes during lunch break and 30 minutes in the evening.
Exercise at the highest intensity your body can take and don’t depend on the six pack ab exercise videos that is in your dvd. If you are walking and having a conversation with your workout partner, you are not working out at the highest level needed for maximum weight loss. Kick it up a notch and go into a sprint.
Watch those calories in very closely. If you need help find a weight loss program like the one at to guide you on your weight loss journey. Measure out each bowl of cereal exactly, do not pour directly into a bowl. Sodas and fruit juices are packed with empty calories, drink water instead.
Reward yourself for reaching your goals. The Biggest Loser’s greatest motivator is the cash winnings, but in reality, we are not winning thousands just by losing weight. But we can reward ourselves when we reach our goals. Take a trip once you hit your goal weight. Treat yourself to a spa day for every ten pounds lost. Reward yourself with a shopping spree for clothes in your new size. Remember to be happy with what you accomplish. That is the true goal of being a Biggest Loser.

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How Do You Lose Your Extra Cruise Pounds

Taking a cruise is a surefire way form many people to gain weight. It may surprise some people to learn that weight loss on a cruise is possible You could decide to make healthy choices while cruising, eat everything in moderation or simply take care of any weight gain by detoxing after a cruise holiday. Check out the internet forums like fat loss factor forum to find out what other people have done successfully when they have taken a cruise.
Maintaining your weight during a cruise is always a challenge as there are so many delicious treats to tempt us. A person needs to look at a cruise as a chance to relax, unwind, get healthy and lose weight. Have you ever heard of a weight loss cruise? What an incredible achievement it would be to go on a cruise, or any other holiday, and actually lose weight and get fit in the process. It is possible and it doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself in your cabin and do a six pack ab workout for the duration of the cruise to do it.
Enjoying a cruise is probably one of the easiest ways to gain huge amounts of weight in record time. For many people, a cruise is the ultimate indulgence in gourmet dining, relaxation and not worrying about their weight. However, stepping on the scales after a cruise can be a shock. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a strategy to stop you from packing on the pounds while you sail the seven seas. With a little planning and focus, it is surely possible to maintain your weight and dress size. Indeed, it may even be feasible to lose weight on a cruise while still enjoying some of the vast array of delicious cuisine on offer.
It may be easy to eat, drink and relax our way to extra pounds on a cruise but there are lots of opportunities to burn up some of those excess calories too. There is usually a state of the art gym, exercise classes, opportunities to get active on excursions, a swimming pool and endless staircases on board so there are plenty of ways to keep moving and, if you’re not exhausted after all that, you could dance the night away too.
The restaurants always offer some healthy options like salads and fresh fruit Of course those are alongside the more calorific and indulgent choices. Proper hydration is important to weight loss so you should try to drink bottled water. What’s important is finding a balance. You should aim to enjoy your holiday while enjoying your food and drink and keeping active. That may be easier said than done.
Everyone is different and there are alternative strategies that may help you to control your weight on a cruise holiday. Finding something that suits you is what’s important. You can use a simple method of making healthy choices and eating, drinking and exercising in If you feel that you are unlikely to successfully control your consumption of food and drink and that a few extra pounds are inevitable, than you need to try something else. Plan for the period immediately before and after your holiday by investigating a weight loss program like the one at to lose any weight you gain while cruising or to prepare yourself before you go on a cruise. A short term detox diet before going on your cruise will enable you to lose a few pounds in advance. If you have overindulged during your cruise, then another short term detox diet upon your return will take care of any excesses and help to get your body back in shape.
The most important part of the cruise is to relax. Stressing weight gain will make it worse. So in the end enjoy your cruise. Plan a little before you go and take care of the rest when you get back.

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Exercising As A Family

Spending time together as a family should be a priority. Parents who spend more time with their kids are more likely to have kids who stay out of trouble. Not only that, it makes memories that last a lifetime. Not only can it help a family build better relationships, it can lead to better health. There are many options available for families to do together. By exercising as a family it helps develop good habits early that can last a lifetime. For people who want to find ways to engage the whole family together in exercise they can check out chat rooms on the internet such as the biggest loser forum where they will find plenty of threads to give them guidance.
If one of or both of the parents in a family have a weight problem, their children often face a weight problem. For families looking for a way to get healthy together they can start a program like the one found at fat loss factor. It is always helpful to do things together than it is as individuals. For people who want to do things on their own they can think about a couple of things.
The simplest, and cheapest, is to just go for a walk together. It gives you time to talk and see what is going on in your children’s lives. You could also take a drive to a nearby park and walk there for a change in scenery. The park also provides space for more vigorous activities, such as football, softball or just running around playing tag.
Many families enjoy riding bikes together. Some communities even have special biking trails to make it safer for cyclists. You can also take time to teach the kids safety and how to maintain their own bikes.
Swimming is another great form of exercise as well as an important safety skill. Check into getting a family pass to the local pool. Even going once or twice a week will provide quite a bit of exercise and family time.
Find a family sports league in your neighborhood? If not, start one. Rotate the sports by season, offering softball, basketball, soccer or flag football. It could even be grownups vs. the kids. Teams could be randomly assigned by drawing names. There could be end of season parties, serving healthy foods, with maybe a few sweet treats for dessert.
Martial arts are very popular for both kids and adults. Don’t think it’s too late to start learning a martial art. Even grandparents can learn a martial art, as most instructors are willing to work with a student at their level. While you might not be in the same class together, you can practice as a family at home together.
Bowling is another fun way to spend family time and get some exercise. Joining a parent-child league can be a lot of fun. In addition to being fun exercise, it helps teach hand eye coordination and patience, like when the younger siblings’ balls seem to take forever to roll down the lane.
When weather is an issue get together in the living room of your house and use a fitness video game or an old exercise video that has been lying around gathering dust. Again, when you do it together as a family it is much easier to stay committed.
It is also a good idea to do more than one activity, as not everyone will enjoy the same thing. Let the kids each pick what they will enjoy for one week. Then rotate around the family to give everyone a choice. It is a perfect way to spend time with each other and get healthier while you are at it.

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Childhood Obesity Is Everyone’s Problem

The very future of the developing world is at stake as a result of our growing problem with obesity. It is time to turn this deadly trend around. The obesity epidemic is claiming ever younger victims. One-third of all American children are overweight. They are at risk of serious diseases that can cut their lives short. Research calculations indicate that the growing risk of serious obesity-related illnesses like diabetes, heart disease and cancer, could lower the current average life expectancy by as much as five years. If this epidemic is not reversed we will see children living shorter lives than their parents. Char rooms such as the %LINK2% are full of people discussing the problems that are faced by the problems that are being caused by childhood obesity.

People today have become exceedingly reliant on high-fructose corn syrup, refined grains, processed foods and artificial sweeteners. All of these are part of a recipe for big-time weight gain. It is the number one source of calories in the US.
If you understand this, then you’re on your way toward understanding what the real answer to the problem is. Fructose converts into fat far more than any other sugar.
In addition, the fact that most fructose is consumed in liquid form, such as soda, which magnifies its negative metabolic effects.

Programs such as the one found at %LINK1% limit or eliminate fructose from your diet, which is of primary importance if you want to protect your health and well-beingand this holds true for children as well as adults. Processed foods are yet another major source of HFCS. They provide very few natural nutrients. Most Americans spend 90 percent of their food money on processed foods, which promises to make you pack on the pounds ,

Removing temptation doesn’t necessarily teach your children to make healthy choices on their own. It’s important to remember that children learn most of their health habits at home. There are a few guidelines that can be followed to help a child.

Replace sugary juices and soft drinks with pure water. Children can easily cut down on the amount of sugar they eat by eliminating soda and juice and only drinking water.
It’s important for parents to encourage their children to eat healthy whenever possible. This does not mean you should not allow your child to eat when he’s hungry, however. Children need calories and nutrients to grow and develop. Make sure to encourage healthy foods geared for your child’s nutritional type, and bypass junk and processed foods.
Decrease or eliminate TV time and remove the TV from your child’s bedroom
TV is often a destructive influence on children. Not only does it encourage inactivity. It also exposes them to commercials promoting worthless foods. Just as you don’t want your child exposed to ads for cigarettes during Saturday morning cartoons, neither should your kids be bombarded by non-stop commercials for sugary foods and snacks.

Exercise is extremely important for all children. Your overweight or obese child needs at least 30 minutes of exercise a day, and major studies have shown that 60 minutes a day is best.
Any activity that gets your child up and away from the television set, video game or computer is a good idea even if it means breaking out the old video that has a %LINK3% on it..

Creating health is actually quite simple when you get right down to it. It’s a matter of returning to the basics of whole, fresh, organically-grown foods packed with all the nutrients your body needs. Team that with exercise and proper sleep, and you have the recipe for growing an optimally healthy child.

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Banishing The Belly Fat

Do you want to understand the way to banish belly fat once and for all? Do you want to know how you can quickly get that stomach fat stripped away from the midsection of your body? Having excess body fat on your abdomen causes it to become pretty much impossible to see your abs. Your abs are covered in fat which all adds up to the bloated look that you experience each day.
It is important to understand that abdomen fat could be the toughest fat to eliminate away from your body, whether you are maintaining your diet or not or doing six pack ab exercises, and it is recognized as about the most severe kinds of body fat that you can carry on your body. But there is something that can be done to banish belly fat so that you can let your stomach breathe again
Initially, you ought to realize that dieting while not working out only will help you burn muscle mass without fat. This is not what you would like. Preferably, you want to build up your muscle mass and cut down on your stomach fat through proper physical exercise and nutrition. You can decide either to have lean muscle mass or you can body fat on you; all of it is dependent on your food regimen and exercise and help can be found at websites such as for a person who wants to learn what to do.
Situps and abdominal crunches don’t help too much in regards to understanding the way to banish belly fat. The reason behind this really is that you simply might feel a burn in your stomach region whenever you carry out such workouts, although the thing is…that burning feeling is because your muscles are tired from the workouts, and not because you are burning your extra ab fat away. These exercises strengthen your abs, but they won’t get rid of the belly body fat by themselves, which is a common misunderstanding numerous people have.
You must focus on the overall weight loss reduction of your entire body. If you have body fat everywhere else, you won’t see any positive gains inside your belly area. You should not only concentrate on your abdomen. You need to workout the whole body by doing squats as well as other full body workouts that you can checkout on the internet or learn about on message boards such as the biggest loser forum.
Another way to banish belly fat would be to consume foods that contain large numbers of monounsaturated fats within them. These items not just help with getting rid of abdomen body fat, but they also help to decrease levels of cholesterol too. You must be persistent utilizing your diet and physical exercise plans. Using a special diet is one of the most effective ways to shape your body. However, it cannot do the job all by itself.
When it comes to exercise it is very important that you workout no less than three to four times each week. The crucial thing would be to be consistent in your workout routines each week. It doesn’t matter what day or what time of time you workout. You should be doing something every day to help in the permanent removal of your extra belly fat. Slacking off once might be sufficient enough to mess up all of the progress that you want to achieve. And then you will be right back to where you started.