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How To Get in “Tiger” Shape

Every time you see Tiger Woods, you can tell that he’s been sticking with his fitness regimen. He looks phenomenal and that is to his and his trainer’s credit. In addition to being trim he also has been gaining muscle. Tiger has a lot of flexibility and mobility because that’s needed in golf, so he doesn’t need to bulk up and he hasn’t.

I might surprise you when I tell you that you can build a lean muscular body like Woods has without much difficulty. He’s the perfect balance between muscle and fitness, making him an even more formidable athlete to compete against.

For golf, I don’t think you have to be very muscular. After all there are some flabbly looking men and women on the green. What I want to emphasize, though, is that he has built muscle without becoming bulky. He looks good, and it hasn’t limited anything about him.

One thing he probably does to keep his mobility and flexibility is probably to do multiple muscle group movements like I try to get my clients to do.

I’m also impressed with his endurance in hot weather, something that is easily gained from an interval and resistance routine. When you take the time to get into shape and then maintain a healthy lifestyle, you are able to brag about how good you feel at the end of a hard day just the way Tiger does.

I mean, have you heard how he calls down the other golf playuers for not busting themselves in workouts? I mean he lets everyone know that they can be just as good as he is if they’d work at it.

That’s what I want you to know. You can look and feel just as good as Tiger or some of these other athletes. All you have to do is get some discipline and invest some hard work into yourself.

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Fact Vs. Fiction: Abdominal Mythology

There’s a bit more work to get your abs than just traditional abdominal drills that don’t really help that much anyway. What you are going to need to do is eat healthy foods so that you have the power of nutrition behind you as you work. This is a round the clock and round the calendar effort to keep fat from ruining your body. I’m going to list for you a few of the lies that are around about abs and I’m going to try to help you understand the truth.

Lie Number One: exercising will get the job done. This is so false. Never ever believe that working out means more than eating right. Your nutrition is the engine behind your efforts to get a lean body. As long as you’re loafing in the area of eating, you’re never going to get that belly flab off your body.

Plan your nutritional content in advance and make sure you get healthy ingredients that haven’t been ruined through artificial processing. You will need to get plenty in the way of proteins, veggies, high-fiber fruit, and no-cal beverages like water or teas. Don’t be eating anything with sugar

Lie Number Two: Work with crunching movements to target the fat on your abdominals.

Crunches aren’t going to be very effective to start with, especially if you don’t address your nutrition and do other workouts that will get your metabolic rate up so you’ll burn more calories even while resting. I know that many athletes that I have been training have the six-pak people dream of. I also know that they didn’t get that way by doing crunches.

How you get a 6 pak is by working the whole body and doing high intensity bursts while exercising to burn fat and build muscle.

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How To Save Money on Supplement Pills

What do dietary supplements do besides make you poor? Tell me, is fat’s biggest enemy fat-burning pills? Do they do anything to metabolize more calories in less time with less activity? Can you get anything in a bottle that will make you look the same way you did before you had children? C’mon. I’m like everyone else: I want to believe that there’s a good way to lose fat, build muscle and look great without any work. That’s what supplements do, right?

The truth is that many females (and males too) think that pills can accomplish what otherwise requires a lot of effort and time. It’s nice that a pill can help compensate for slacking up on eating habits and exercise.

Besides pills for diets, you’ll find ladies who try things like C.L.A., fish-oil, vitamin pills, and calcium-pills too. So when these companies that make these things market them to young mothers desperate from help, they have a willing audience.

These new stores that sell nothing but dietary supplements quickly find out that their concoctions are easy to sell to women who want to get their sexy figure back.

Fat burners are supposed to solve the problem, after all, it’s better than not doing anything at all, right? You’ll find that there are no boundaries between economic standing, education, or career: women of all kinds buy supplements.

Statistics show that mothers purchase pills a little bit more than women who don’t have any kids. It’s amazing how that price doesn’t seem to affect purchases at all.

This is probably because of the weight gains associated with pregnancy, but are the pills the answer to the problem? Another thing about women and supplements is that they usually return for the same brand time after time regardless of whether they are getting any results.

Some point to this type of statistic to point out the way society makes females feel pressured into being thin and lean: when women aren’t that way they are made to feel as though there is something wrong with them.

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Discover Best Fat Burn Practices To Lose Weight Fast

Time has shown us that cardio isn’t the answer to losing flab. Nowadays we know that those who train with circuits, intervals and resistance have leaner bodies Let me tell you about what the most recent studies show on the matter. There was a study done in Brazil that compared traditional aerobics with intervals and ciruit-based exercise approaches.

This program took twelve weeks to see how people responded to the different ways to exercise. There was one section of people who were used as a reference, another that did aerobics for over half an hour 3 days out of seven, and then another one that was using circuits by using over half their maximum weight for more than half an hour.

What really surprised the researchers is that by the end of the study the weight lifters were just as aerobically fit as those who were training with aerobics. Both groups boosted lower body strength equally, but the circuit-based group had the additional benefit of a stronger upper body.

This kind of performance should be disappointing to those who think that they’re getting a lot of benefit from their aerobic routines: they could be getting a lot more benefit from the same amount of time invested in exercise.

This is good news for people who have a limited time to exercise and thus cannot maintain two separate workout tracks. The bottom line is that traditional, slow cardio will not do anything good for you when it comes to burning fat. Circuit based resistance coupled with interval training is the way to get results.

The kind of movements that you want to do to get the best results are those that engage multiple muscle groupings. Therefore you should be doing squating, push ups, and rows.

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24 Minutes Work for 24 Hours Fitness

I’m going to give you some simple drills that help you get a good fat burn workout done without leaving the house. These are done without any equipment or traditional aerobics. There’s a real probem with a lot of people where they can’t get the time or opportunity to go to a fitness club during the day every day. People avoid exercising at home a lot because they think that a lot of weights and other gear are needed to be able to do it properly. So what exercises can you do at the house that don’t require a lot of extra stuff? I’m about to tell you.

I have some that can be used with dumbbells, but you can do them just with your body’s mass: these exercises are perfect for home. There’s enough room for your own preferences so that you can change things around to keep your workout session interesting.

You’ll probably find that you can get better results at home anyway: you don’t need a machine to get into shape! Ready to start? One: Squatting with your body’s weight.

Two: Push ups or kneel-push ups.

Combine this first pair into one mega set without any resting in between. You should do at least eight reps of each of them, but you should try to do twelve. If you find that these aren’t challenging enough, pick up some dumb bells to use with the squats and change the regular push-ups into declining push-ups to increase difficulty.

If you’re just getting started, just do the push up from the kneel and use your own weight for squatting.

When you get the pair complete, take a break and then repeat a few more rounds of the mega set. Three: Squatting Splits.

Four: Climbing mountains.

The splitting squat is the same as lunging in place, requiring each foot to be separated from the other as one steps to the front.

For stability, you can use a wall to help with balancing. To make the drill more advanced, do it with dumb bells in your hands.

Make sure you complete eight reps on the left and eight on the right before moving on to the climbers.

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My Secret Fitness Tips That Improve Your Workouts 300%

Those of you who are fed up over all the trends in weight-loss and nutrition should pay attention right now because I have some answers for you. I’m going to point you in the right direction so that you will lose weight and get fit – finally. Still, if you want, talk to other pros about what I’m saying and you won’t find anyone who will counter it as a fad or as a lie. Every time you shop or turn on the television is seems like there’s some sort of new revolutionary fad that’s captured everyone’s attention.

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between what’s true and what’s not because so much of it sound so good, you want to believe it. Some of these diets should be obvious to you as being frauds, like the one where women are supposed to lose seven pounds in seven days.

First, that type of weight loss is probably not possible; if it is, it isn’t healthy. Here I’m giving you the low down on high fat loss success.

Think about your daily routine and all the things you hear about getting the body you want.

Let me supercede all that with two basic facts that you must memorize and master when it comes to having a lean, shapely body. One: The amount of calories you eat has to be less than what your body burns in a day.

Two: There has to be a consistently active lifestyle.

Think about exercising first: you just have to do it. Sure, there are different ways to exercise and some work better than others, but you have to make up your mind that you will exercise first. Let me tell you something about exercising right now: if you want to do it in the morning, that’s OK. If you want to do it at night, that’s OK. The important thing is that you do it.

You probably will want to choose intervals rather than traditional when it comes to cardiovascular exercise. You’ll also want to have a regular resistance training session to go along with it.

The intervals will help you burn fat and the resistance will help you build muscle that in turn will build more fat.

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How To Do A Proper Detox at Home

Detoxification is not a petty indulgence or a one-off event or even something is solely restricted to be done in detox spas. It is a lifestyle. It is an ongoing process. A major part of detox therefore will have to happen where you are most of the time and that would be your own home. You may detox at home by making simple dietary changes and monitoring it on a regular basis.

Maverick filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, made a hit documentary called “Super Size Me”. He volunteered himself to be the guinea pig for this documentary film. He ate nothing but McDonald’s fast food meals for 30 days, gaining nearly 25 pounds. His health deteriorated rapidly and it was really bad. It was worse than he expected it to be. He developed quickly serious health problems, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, depression, headaches, mood swings, and liver problems.

His girlfriend, Alexandra Jamieson, who is the author of ‘The Great American Detox Diet’ faced an uphill task of detoxifying Morgan and restoring him back to his original state. Being a health counselor, she developed a two-month home detox program. Her main detox recommendations are as follows:

Drink 8-10 glasses of clean, potable water. This flushes your body system and replaces the water lost through perspiration and excretion. Avoid eating refined carbohydrate products such as sugar, white flour. They pump up the body with empty calories and give you a temporary ‘carb’ high. Instead use better substitutes such as agave nectar. Break free from your addiction to caffeine-laced beverages. Caffeine is a strong stimulant and interferes with your normal sleep patterns. Include essential fatty acids in your regular diet. These essential fatty acids can be found in unrefined flax seed oils and walnuts. Avoid these like the plague – unhealthy saturated fats (almost all fast food) and hydrogenated fats, usually found in processed foodstuffs.

Increase the amount of fiber intake in your daily diet. Fiber promotes good bowel movement which is a simple way of detoxifying the digestive and intestinal tract. Consume more complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, fresh fruits and organic vegetables. Eat less protein especially meat and dairy products. Both contain voluminous traces of chemical hormones and antibiotics. Replace animal sources of protein with non-animal ones.

Reduce your exposure to toxins and pollutants by adopting a ‘green’ lifestyle. Re-evaluate your lifestyle choices. The best home detox program would ideally require an ongoing commitment to a lifestyle of detoxification. Choose organic foods and practice controlled eating. Use saunas, steam, colonics, skin brushing, epsom salt baths, and massage as frequently as possible. You can lower stress and anxiety through meditation, visualization, relationship-nurturing, and positive-thinking.

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How to Choose a Detox Spa

The primary aim of detox spa programs is to root out environmental and dietary toxins from the human body system thereby promoting overall health. When you undergo detox programs offered by reputed spas, you tend to lose weight, become calmer, and increase energy. It is equally important to note that not all spa detox programs are alike. Therefore, it is advisable to do your research on the best detox spas before you enroll into a suitable detox program.

Detox Spas just like many others in the service industry complicate matters by introducing technical jargon and lingo. You need to understand what these detox spas are really talking about. We already know that detoxification programs target removal of toxicity. Spas that offer such detox programs mainly target four types of toxicity. They include the body’s own waste products due to metabolic activity; dietary toxins such as alcohol, white sugar, and caffeine; psychological toxins such as stress and worry; environmental toxins such as contaminated food products and chemical residues in homes and workplaces.

To understand what spas really do, we need to know that detox spas adopt a number of ways to target these toxins. One approach is a kind of non-invasive treatment that promote the body’s own detoxification system. Some of treatments are colon hydrotherapy, herbal enemas, lymphatic drainage massage, and body wraps.

Another approach is a simple dietary regulation. It can range from a juice fast to including more fruits and vegetables. It also means severe cutting down on foods that are very harsh on ones body. Similarly, the traditional Indian medical system called Ayurveda prescribes strict dietary regulations and oil-based treatments. These are part of Ayurvedic detoxification known as Ayurvedic Panchakarma. Yet another approach involves meditation and yoga which purportedly enhances psychological well-being.

The following checklist helps you to narrow down on the most suitable detox spa program. Consider the detox diet. What menu does the spa offer? Is it a juice fast, raw food, vegetarian, or non-vegetarian meals? Is round-the-clock medical supervision available? Will the program be self-directed with basic supervision or is it instructor-directed? Is it one-to-one or a group? If you are opting for the Indian Ayurvedic Panchakarma, will you be able to commit to serious dietary changes for weeks if not months? Does the spa offer educational seminar or training classes to educate you? If so, how qualified are the trainers? What are the accreditations of the lecturers? Are the spa surroundings urbane and luxurious? Or are they rustic and natural? What are cost breakdown for the spa detox packages?

Juice fasts form the core pillar of many detox spa programs. Juice fasting promotes motivation, innate creativity and spiritual consciousness. Juice fasts are not easy and hence it is not for every one. You should learn more about the benefits of undergoing a juice fast and how to prepare yourself for such a fast. You should also be aware of the side effects and who all should stay away from such kinds of fast. Fasting and even detox has its fair share of critics especially from the mainstream medical professionals.

Detox should invariably be a part and parcel of your lifestyle. Most people like to think of detox as pure escapism or some petty indulgence. Detox is not a short term purging, it should be routine. The good detox spas enable you to maintain healthy lifestyles.

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Men, Workout or Get a Bra: The Choice is Yours

Men, you shouldn’t feel as if you’re stuck with those manboobs. Your breasts are so huge because of all the fat you’re carrying around, but things can change if you want them to. That’s right: you can rid yourself of the embarrassment of having male boobs by working out 3 times each week. You have to be intense, but you’ll be surprised at how little time you have to invest. The process is identical to any other fat loss routine I talk to you about. You’ve got to work hard for a brief time period and watch out for what you are eating. By disrupting your body’s equilibrium, you’re going to find out that you can get great results at home, so you don’t even have to show off your man boobs at the gym.

Come on. We all have breasts, but women are supposed to have boobs, not you. I’ve seen men checking out female boobs, but I’ve never seen a female oogling manboobs. Yuck. By building muscle, eating healthier, you will be able to blast away flab all over your body, not just on your manboobs. Imagine how much better you would look and feel if you got rid of that hanging belly and the boobs at the same time!

Some people are afraid to commit because they think they have to work every day all day to get a better body. Many people think they need a lot of money too, so they can buy supplements and gym memberships. We will both be proud of you when after a few weeks of faithful workouts you take your shirt off and you don’t need a bra anymore.

Believe it or not, some men don’t want to workout so they get breast reduction surgery. I really don’t think that’s the best way to go because you often end up with scars that leave you as self conscious as you were before.

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What the Fat? Multijoint Moves Target Flab

Cardiovascular routines are always going to come up short compared to working your entire physique when it comes to losing fat and shaping you bod. Aerobic exercises are not effective. They were a short fad, but they are proven not to work, even though people seem to be stuck doing the wrong thing. Even you heart’s going to be better off when you get all your muscle groups worked in a resistance program. Additionally, you gain because you reduce your risk of the injuries that so often result from cardio.

You can use the machines at your gym if you want, but you need to use them for interval training and combine that with strength training to get an effective workout in less time. You can do drills that use your body’s weight to get yourself into awesome shape to get benefits that far outweigh anything you’ve done in traditional cardio.

I’m talking about things like squatting, push up variations, and rowing that will build muscle, burn fat and increase your strength. You’re right: I’m saying that you don’t have to get involved with heavy barbells bench-presses, or other free-weight activities.

What I’m telling you to do can be done at home because you don’t need a lot of gear: just yourself.

Of course, you can always add weights if you want to, but the importance is geting your entire body involved in your exercises so you can get a great fat burning session done in a short amount of time. To illustrate this, suppose you were doing a squat with or without dumb bells. This removes leg-extensions and leg-curls that you’d use machines at the gym to perform.

When you perform pushups or DB chest presses, you’re going to avoid chest flies and tricep extenders using the equipment. Doing the chinup is going to replace pulldown machines and bicep curling.