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Use natural products for better health and a slimmer mid section

The change in the modern lifestyle and thinking has increased the level of health consciousness amongst the people throughout the world. Access through different medias especially the computer and the internet has made people realize the adverse effects of obesity on health and the benefits of maintaining an ideal weight, which not only enhances the attraction of your personality but also keeps you healthy and fit throughout your life. Awareness has also led to the discovery of the fact that if you use natural products in your diet instead of artificial or synthetically manufactured products then you can get all the nutrients for maintaining a healthy body and developing six packs abs and fulfil your weight loss target.

You might have also come across the fact that deposition of cholesterol in the body leads to many health problems that may even prove fatal as the cholesterol deposition blocks the free flow of flood. You should avoid the intake of food that has high content of fat. Your food should contain the ingredient called omega three fatty acids, which help in maintaining the ideal level of cholesterol in the body. It is a well-known fact that you can find high level of omega three fatty acids in fish. Thus, most of the health advisors and doctors recommend fish as a part of your diet as these natural products not only supply the nutrients to your body but also help in maintaining the level of weight loss that you have achieved.

Often you will find your health advisors or doctors advising you to avoid any type of red meat like pork, beef, venison or any other kind of red meat although these are natural products. They advice to abstain from red meat as research has led to the discovery that red meat contains high amount omega six fatty acids, which is very harmful for your health. These fatty acids do not dissolve but stick to the walls of your arteries and veins and obstruct the free flow of blood, which leads to the deprivation of oxygen and fresh blood to the vital organs in your body.  Latest research has led to the discovery of the fact that red meat contains more amounts of omega three fatty acids than fish or other products if the animal feeds on natural grass.

This is a clear indication that nature has provided the best edible materials for human beings and the use of natural products will not only help you to maintain a healthy and fit body but also help you to achieve the six packs abs for which you have set your target of weight loss. Nowadays most of the businesspersons use synthetic materials to increase their produce and earn more profit.  While buying your items you should check the label and buy only those food items grown with the help of organic or natural manure. These types of food items will also save your body from the deposits of the harmful residue of synthetic fertilizers left in the vegetables and fruits in spite of washing and cooking.

Thus, if you want to attain success in your weight loss program and develop six pack abs, you will have to change your diet and switch over to natural products so that you can eat healthy food. This will not only help you to lead a healthy and happy life but also save you from the problems of obesity and cholesterol deposition. Along with these changes if you choose appropriate exercises and workouts as a part of your daily routine you can always maintain a slim and trim body, which is full of stamina and energy.

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3 things you must change in your diet if you want a flatter belly

Every person irrespective of age and gender has natural six packs abs but due to our own negligence, we tend to lose the attractive personality that nature has provided to every human being. It is true that most of the people in this modern age have become health conscious and always try to maintain a slim and trim body. It is the hectic yet sedentary lifestyle, and improper eating habits, which lead to the accumulation of fat in the body, especially in the mid section of the body and the natural six packs abs is lost in the rotund waist and the protruding stomach. If you want to maintain a healthy body, and ripped six packs abs, you have to eat healthy diet and choose workouts, which will help in weight loss.

Most of the people think that healthy diet means eating tasteless food or chewing raw vegetables. This concept drives them away from the idea of developing the regular routine of eating the food that will provide all the essential nutrients to the body and keep them fit and healthy besides working as a weight loss mechanism. It is essential that you should know about the type of diet that will help you to develop six packs abs and maintain it throughout life. Thus, first you have to pay attention towards the food that you eat everyday. If you have the habit of eating fried food, junk food, preserved food or using refined edible items in your daily diet then you should immediately give up the habit and plan a healthy menu.

If you think that only doing rigorous, workouts and exercises will help you to develop six packs abs and maintain it throughout life then you have to change this concept. All your attempts of attaining six packs abs will fail if your everyday calorie intake is higher than the amount of calorie that you burn during your workouts or while performing other activities throughout the day. This does not mean that you should starve yourself but on the contrary, you should pay attention towards the fact that whatever you eat provides the required energy to the body and has only that much amount of calorie, which you can easily burn. This way you will be able to eat a healthy diet, and burnt calories will lead to weight loss by dissolving the fat.

You have to try to develop the habit of eating more vegetables, fruits, and instead of consuming refined oil, grains, and sugar, you can switch over to whole grain breads, natural sugar available in fruits and for the small amount of oil required by the body, you could use natural products like coconut, and dry fruits. If you are fond of meat, you can easily include white meat in your diet, but you should totally avoid red meat, aerated waters, beverages, and preserved food. You can easily prepare a tasty menu everyday and eat a healthy diet without developing any kind of aversion towards the food that you are eating everyday.

This diet will also help in weight loss as the calorie that you intake will burn during your workouts and the body will have to use the accumulated fat in the body for providing energy to the body so that it can function efficiently. Only eating healthy diet is not enough but how and when you eat your food also has a great impact on your body. Thus, besides preparing a nutritious diet you should also develop the habit of eating small quantity of food at short intervals so that your body gets the required amount of calories for producing energy but does not have extra calories to store as fat thus leading to weight loss and development of six packs abs.

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Is what you’re doing in the gym actually making you fatter?

The luxurious life that you lead due to the facilities provided by advanced technology has not only reduced the physical workouts that you did while doing the household chores but also made you a couch potato. The result of this lifestyle is accumulation of fat in the body, as you have not reduced your calorie intake, but have reduced the ways of burning the entire calories that has reached your body. That is why nowadays you will find most of the people suffering from the problem of obesity and always trying different exercises for weight loss. Most of the time, you will observe that we mostly fail in our endeavour of obtaining six pack abs in spite of doing the six packs abs exercises regularly.

Most of the time this failure leads to frustration and most of us tend to give up the routine of performing the six packs abs exercises thinking that our body constituency will not change and we will not attain success. At this stage, you should remember one essential a fact and that is the fact that nothing in this world is impossible. If you have firm determination and use your prudence, you can attain success in every field. In the same manner, you should use your prudence for choosing the exercises and workouts for attaining the six packs abs and your target of weight loss to develop an attractive personality full of health and vitality. Thus, let us peek into the basic fact that will give the desired result for your efforts.

The first and foremost essential factor is the choice of six packs abs exercises along with your weight loss program. While choosing the exercises and the workouts that you are going to include in your daily routine, you should carefully take into consideration all the pros and cons related to the exercises and verify the results. You can easily get all the information either through some experienced person or through the mediums that supply authentic information about the different types of six packs abs exercises and their effects. Nowadays, it has become very easy to gather all the related information through the internet. This knowledge will help you to decide about the best exercises that will give you fruitful result.

If you have already chosen your six packs abs exercises  but have failed to attain the desired result then you should immediately stop doing the exercises or workouts and try to find out about the mistakes that you are committing while doing the exercises or whether the exercises or workouts is actually affecting your body or not. In fact, most of us tend to choose those exercises or workouts that we can perform with ease within a short time. This thinking makes you choose the wrong types of exercises and foils all your attempts of attaining six packs abs. Thus, whenever, you start your routine of exercises or workouts you should always begin with light exercises and gradually move towards rigorous exercises or workouts.

You have to follow this procedure as your body has the tendency of easily adapting to any kind of extra effort that it has to put in as a part of its daily work. Your body also has the tendency of storing energy in the form of fat for using it during the exercises and workouts due to which you face the problem of accumulated fat in spite of doing all the exercises or workouts. You will also notice that after a short time your muscles stop responding to the exercises due to acclimatization to the workouts and in the end, you fail to achieve your goal of six packs abs and weight loss.

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The important things you MUST know about carbs. Are they really that bad?

The modern concept of health consciousness means that you have to maintain a slim and trim body along with a flat stomach and a slim waistline, which will also help in displaying the natural six packs abs gifted by nature to every human being irrespective of age and gender. In your youth, you did not face any trouble in maintaining this type of body as most of the time you were successful in burning the total calorie intake throughout the day. The actual problem started when you stepped on the threshold of middle age as your life became sedentary but on the other hand; your intake of calories did not reduce. At this stage, advisors told you to reduce the calories by reducing the intake of food items containing high percentage of carbohydrate.

This is a situation, which most of us face at one stage of life, when our efforts of weight loss fail, but the main concern is the fact that our body needs all types of nutrients for functioning efficiently. Metabolic action is a part of your body’s functioning as your body produces the energy through this action so that you can perform your daily work efficiently. It is a well-known fact that your body needs carbohydrate for its metabolic functioning, so you have to intake some amount of carbohydrate, which your body will use for providing you the required stamina and energy. If you eliminate the food items that contain this important nutrient, you will deprive your body from producing the energy that it requires for other internal functions.

Another problem that arises due to lack of carbohydrate in the body is the problem of hypoglycaemia, which means that the level of sugar falls in the body, which can lead to coma or other fatal consequences. This stage occurs in the body, as insulin secreted in your body requires carbohydrate to act on it and turn it into glucose, which supplies the energy. Of course, the extra glucose is stored in the body in the form of fat, which leads to obesity. In such a situation, you have to find out about the exact amount of glucose, which your body needs for proper functioning and the best sources of obtaining the required amount of daily glucose.

You may think that intake of any kind of food item containing glycogen will supply with the required amount of glucose to the body. Thus, you increase your intake of food items containing high amount of glycogen and in the process foil all your attempts of weight loss. You have to find out about the different types of food items considered as good or bad source of glucose content. Most of us have the idea that consuming breads and processed food is a good source of supplying the body with the required amount of glucose. On the contrary, these food items contain high percentage of glycogen, which is higher than your body’s requirement.

The extra calorie gets stored in the form of fat, especially in your stomach area. This layer of fat hides your natural six pack abs and no matter how hard you try to burn it as a part of your weight loss program you fail in your attempt as your intake is much higher than your capacity of burning the extra calorie that you have supplied to your body. If you want to maintain your attractive personality throughout life then you have to develop the habit of eating a diet, which does not contain cereals or processed products. You should include food items like sweet potato, fruits, and vegetables in your diet so that you can supply your body with all the essential nutrients.

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Why artificial sweeteners can actual do more harm than good…

Today most of the people are aware about the adverse effects of obesity and the pain and suffering that follows due to obesity.  An obese person not only becomes the centre of ridicule but also faces many types of physical and health problems. At present maximum number of people throughout the world is on the look out for gathering all the information and knowledge regarding the methods and techniques that they should adopt for maintaining a fit and healthy body and developing six packs abs. Most of us feel that doing regular exercises and workouts will result in weight loss and develop six pack abs.

Most of the time we tend to forget that, there are other factors, which lead to weight gain and one of them is the daily use of artificial sweeteners in the drinks that we use for quenching our thirst. Nowadays, you will find that most of the people, including children have developed a craze for aerated waters and soft drinks that contain artificial sweeteners but are devoid of any kind of nutrients required by your body. Although, the cool sweet taste of these drinks may provide temporary pleasure and satisfaction but in the end, they have intense adverse effect on the body as the carbonated drinks makes you put on weight rather than help in weight loss.

The drinks and desserts prepared with artificial sweeteners not only have harmful effects on the hormonal secretion in the body but also have harmful effects on the smooth functioning of the body.  All your attempts of attaining six packs abs through weight loss will prove futile if you have the habit of using artificial sweeteners, whether it is in your drink or in any other kind of food item that you are consuming. Many people believe in the gimmicks that if they use the soft drinks or beverages that has low amount of synthetic sweeteners then they will not face the harmful effects.

You should not forget that any synthetic material that reaches inside the body would have harmful side effects whether consumed in small amount or large amount. The best way to maintain a fit and healthy body is to avoid all types of artificial sweeteners and in place of that use natural sweeteners like honey, fruit juice or any other sweetening derived from natural sources. You can supply your body with the liquid that it requires daily by drinking lots of water and consuming fruits or fresh fruit juice.

You can also include fresh fruit juice or cool drinks made with fresh lime and honey, which is also helpful in maintaining your ideal weight as it helps in weight loss, which is the prime requirement for developing six packs abs and maintaining it throughout life. Natural products do not have any harmful effect on the body. On the contrary, it helps in providing all the essential nutrients to the body and aids in cleansing the toxins from the body. This helps the body to absorb more nutrients from the food that you eat and provide energy to the body, which you need for performing your exercises and workouts for developing six packs abs.

Thus, bringing in a little change in your lifestyle and abstaining from all kinds of bad habits will help you to maintain a healthy body. It will also help you to get the desired result for which you are attempting and that is an attractive personality with a slim waistline, flat stomach, and ripped six packs abs and help in retaining that attractive look throughout life. If you want to lead a healthy and happy life, you have to take a firm decision and adopt the habits, which will give you overall benefit in the future.

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How To Quickly And Easily Spot The Truly Healthy Foods In The Supermarket

One thing that is just as important for your health and well being as working out fully and properly is eating well. Eating well is not a small supplement to your hard workouts—it goes hand in hand with them. If you eat healthy and do not work out, you won’t gain much. However, if you work out and still eat McDonald’s and processed foods every day, you gain even less. Keep this in mind in your everyday life—drink water instead of soda, and eat a whole grain bar instead of a candy bar. Making this type of small change in your life is extremely important to becoming healthier, getting leaner, and feeling better. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. The money that can be made using false advertisement and dirt-cheap, unhealthy products is astronomical, which means that companies will try hard to convince you that their cheap, processed foods are healthy alternatives to real, organic, and healthy foods. Spotting false advertisement and making the right choices is something that you cannot learn immediately, but if you start looking at ingredients and stop just buying the cheapest item (it’s usually the least healthy), you will learn to eat better. And because of it, you will feel better every day. No matter how good a crappy food tastes, it’s not worth how bad you will feel after eating it.

The first thing that you can easily change is where you shop and where you eat. Rather than going to Safeway or another mega-chain store, go somewhere like Trader Joe’s that is a little bit more costly, but that sells all sorts of organic and healthy foods. If you just change where you shop, you will notice a difference. However, there is more you must pay attention to than where—you have to focus on what you’re eating too. When you’re shopping at the grocery store, turn the products around and check out the ingredients on the back. If one product contains things like corn syrup, sugar, and excess fats, and an alternative does not, get the one that does not contain them. One key word to keep your eye out for is organic. If something is organic, the growers of that product did not use pesticides, insecticides, and other harmful chemicals around this product. If you choose organic, you will not be ingesting any chemical that is made to kill cells—and will kill many of your cells as well.

The next thing that is important for you to do when shopping is products removing the healthy part of their ingredients. Egg whites, for example, remove the egg yolk, which is the healthy part of the egg. The yolk is a major source of vitamins and minerals, and contains almost all of an egg’s protein, cholesterol, and fat. If you remove the yolk, you’re taking away all of the egg’s A, D, E, and K vitamins (egg yolks are one of the very few natural sources of vitamin D). Many products, however, remove the yolk and claim their food is healthier—look out for products that include nuts to perform similar tricks, saving them money and costing you health.

Eating right is invaluable to your health. If you keep your eye out for false claims, like “healthier than the real alternative,” and check product’s ingredients and nutrition facts before buying, you will be a healthier person overall. If you buy organic, you will avoid harmful chemicals and support real farmers—not corporations. If you just pay attention while purchasing your food, you will feel better, look better, and be better.

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3 Downfalls To The Traditional Stationary Cardio Machine Like Treadmills

The treadmill is often a default workout that people turn to when they are trying to get a workout. The perceived benefits of a treadmill: you can watch television while running, you don’t have to run all the way somewhere and back. However, the drawbacks to treadmills completely overwhelm the benefits. The same problems exist with elliptical trainers, and stationary bikes. These machines are a waste of time and money.

The first problem that these stationary cardio machines have is that they are boring—without the television or other distraction while running on treadmills, they are invariably the most boring, repetitive workout. If you really want to go jogging, go outside! Running outdoors is preferable to treadmills because there is scenery to look at, fresh air to breathe, and most importantly, it’s a better workout. Running on treadmills does not burn as many calories as running outside and promotes bad running form—which leads to inefficiency, imbalanced muscles, and awkwardness.

The next problem that machines like treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes have is that they create an unhealthy gap between your mind and body when you work out. It’s important to feel yourself as you run or bike, and be paying attention to what you’re doing. Just like any other activity in life, doing a workout is more effective when you’re focused on it. If you mindlessly run, you will not feel yourself, which detracts from your form and your speed. If you can feel where your foot hits the ground and how that impact feels up your leg and to the rest of your body, you can adjust your form accordingly. Paying attention while you workout is just as important as doing things like hydrating properly and warming up correctly!

The final, and most important problem with these machines for most people is cost. When you could just as easily go running outside, why buy a machine that makes you do so less efficiently for thousands of dollars? If you want a good home workout, buy tools like a jump-rope, weights, tension bands, and inflatable balls. The most important thing to do when devising a home workout plan is learning the right exercises. Doing this type of exercise is not only cheaper than jogging on a treadmill, but much more helpful. Jogging, unlike sprinting and variable speed running, is not a very good workout for the time and energy it takes. It does not workout your cardiovascular system because your heart is beating at the same pace the whole time, and it does not workout your lungs very well either.

There do exist, however, great home workout alternatives. One of the easiest and cheapest options is using a jump-rope. You might associate this with elementary school playgrounds, but it’s one of the best workouts you can get—it’s cardio, improves your vertical jump, and increases your speed—which is why most NFL and NBA players jump rope for at least 30 minutes per day. Another option is exercises like mountain climbers, squats, lunges, pushups, jumping squats, etc. These cardio exercises all workout slightly different muscles and your heart, and doing a good variety of exercise like this is great for workouts at home. Sprinting is a great option for cardio, stamina, and speed as well—and it does not take as long. Sprint on flat surfaces, up hills, and sprint up stairs as well. These will all work out your whole body wonderfully. As you can see, there are plenty of superb alternatives to working out on a treadmill that are cheaper, more fun, easier, and more beneficial to your health and body.

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Here are some killer ab workouts that don’t actually involve ab exercises!

One of the primary concerns for most people that want a new exercise regime is abdominal exercises. Traditionally, this means sit-ups, crunches, planks, and leg lifts. Although these will help your abdominal muscles a bit, they do not give you a full body workout and they do not burn fat. These are useful for working out your abs to take punches and decrease back pain, but other than those two benefits, standard abdominal workouts are not very useful to you overall, especially if you want to either burn fat or increase stamina. If you want to work out your abs at the same time as you get a full-body cardio workout as well as strengthen other muscles, you should turn to a selection of exercises that do all of these things. And for some of them, you don’t even need to go to a gym.

One example of an easy to learn, full body workout that focuses greatly on abdominals is an exercise called “mountain climbers.” To do mountain climbers, get in a pushup position with your arms locked. Quickly bring your right foot forward, touch it to the ground underneath your chest, and as you bring it back to its starting position, do the same with your left foot. These should be performed on light feet—meaning you should never rest your weight while doing mountain climbers. Mountain climbers should be done in repetitions of time, and depending on how in shape you’re, you should do them for anywhere between 15 and 90 seconds, running 5-10 reps.

The benefits of mountain climbers are numerous. Not only do they work out your abdominals, which are lifting your legs during the exercise, but they work out your legs, arms, and are a cardiovascular exercise as well. These will aid your lung capacity, heart strength, stamina, and abdominal strength. Rather than doing crunches or sit-ups next time, consider running mountain climbers to get a fuller, more fulfilling workout.

Another example of a workout that focuses on abs but is much better for your body overall than standard sit-ups is renegade rows. Developed by John Davies, renegade rows are a perfect supplement to your workout and work similarly to mountain climbers. Renegade rows are performed by taking two weights—whatever you feel most comfortable with, and holding them beneath your hands in a pushup position. The weights should be kettleballs or dumbbells. To do the exercise, take your right hand and lift the weight, turning your body and stabilizing. Then, do the same thing on the other side. Make sure renegade rows are done on a solid, flat surface—unlike mountain climbers, renegade rows should not be done in places such as fields or on carpet. During the exercise, keep the elbow of the grounded arm locked the whole time. Some variations you can do while using renegade rows are moving your feet closer together, doing pushups in between lifts, or holding the weight for longer.

The benefits of renegade rows, mountain climbers, and other similar whole-body core exercises are very important to your workout. If you can save the time of doing three different exercises by exercising three times as many muscles, you can become fitter and stronger more quickly. Keep in mind these exercises next time you’re feeling slow or weak—they are easy to set up, don’t take too long, and don’t even require you to go to the gym. If you do not have the time for hours at the gym every day, home exercises are perfect—just make sure you do not waste time with inefficient workouts like sit-ups and push-ups.

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Why traditional cardio workouts STINK…

Any person trying to figure out a good workout for his or herself needs to first research what type of workout works best and how to work out properly, and then plan out a daily and weekly schedule for it. One aspect of a workout plan is what type of workout you want to do: there is weight training, swimming, sprinting, jogging, and various types of cardio. But no one can do every type of workout regularly: so you have to figure out what works best for you. One aspect of any workout is cardio, which is traditionally very important in a workout plan. However, there are varying degrees of cardio and if you workout too lightly or improperly, the cardio will not work.

First of all, you have to know what cardio is. Also called aerobic exercise, it’s any exercise that improves your lung capacity and works out your heart. Often cardio, or cardiovascular exercise, is performed at moderate intensity for long periods of time. For example, lap swimming, running, elliptical trainers, bicycling, and more are all types of cardio. These all improve your overall fitness, stamina, and health. However, there are more helpful types of cardio as well. Another option is cardiovascular weight training.

Most do not consider lifting weights to be beneficial cardiovascular exercise. However, if you do the right exercises, you can combine cardio and weight training. The main difference between traditional weight training and cardio weight training is lifting more reps at faster speeds, but using lighter weights. As a rule of thumb, take 65% of your max and lift that repeatedly, getting your lungs and heart pumping away. Some examples of weight cardio you can do are dead lifts, dumbbells, and barbells. Take a percentage of your maximum—it does not have to be 65%, whatever you’re comfortable with—and lift quickly for about ten minutes. This type of exercise is healthy not only for your lungs and heart, but it builds muscle mass as well.

One of the major problems with most aerobic workouts is the neglect that the upper body and muscle strength gets. Running, swimming, and biking are all great for your health and fitness, but not working out your core and arms is problematic: it leads to an imbalance of power between your legs and upper body, and makes you much more prone to injury, including pulled muscles, torn ligaments, and broken bones.

Another problem with cardio training is that the main benefit’s to keep people in shape. Unlike weight training, aerobic exercise is not very effective at reducing obesity. It does not burn as many calories overall, and does not build as much muscle. Therefore, if your primary goal is to burn fat, get thinner, and have a better physique, standard cardio may not be the way to go. However, if you can combine your weight training and cardio as detailed above, you can save time and workout your muscles, heart, and lungs all at the same time.

Besides weight training, the best cardiovascular workout overall is swimming. If you swim laps for an hour a day as well as lift weights for the same amount of time, your muscles will get two types of workout: stamina and dead strength. Swimming, unlike running and biking, works out almost every muscle in your body and is a great addition to any workout. It also greatly increases your lung capacity which is a key for performing well in sports as well as healthy living. Overall, however, weight cardio is the best way to get a good workout of your whole body.

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What on earth is subcutaneous fat and visceral fat why is it extremely important to know?

One major aid in losing weight and improving your physique is knowing the science of what you’re trying to fix. If you’re going after a tighter upper body, reducing your stomach fat, or just trying to look more in shape, it’s important to realize what is healthy and unhealthy. There are two major factors to a dedicated diet and exercise program: your body being more attractive and being better looking. Both are important, but no matter how much you care about your looks, being healthy and in shape should be important.

One of the biggest problems that Americans have with their bodies, especially men, is an excess of fat in the abdomen and stomach area. It’s important to know what is going on with your stomach fat, how to get rid of it, and how to properly grow muscle in your abdomen as well. There are no easy fixes to an out of shape body, but it’s important to do the right workout and diet. Following the food pyramid, getting enough protein, and working out your abdominals is important. But to do so, you have to have knowledge about what exactly you’re trying to fix.

There are two types of fat in the abdominal area, as well as around the whole body: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Although an excess of either is problematic, visceral fat is the real villain of the torso. Subcutaneous fat is found directly beneath the skin, and when measured, it can be directly correlated to adiposity and obesity. Subcutaneous fat is contained between the muscle and skin in the peritoneal cavity, and is much more of a cosmetic issue than a health risk. There do exist; however, some benefits to having the right amount of—not too much—subcutaneous fat. The fat exists to create a thermal layer that keeps you warm in cold weather, absorb hits to the area, and can be used as an energy source as well. However, an excess of this fat is scientifically correlated with obesity and heart disease.

The second type of fat in the abdomen, called visceral fat, is the dangerous of the two. Also known as abdominal or intra-abdominal fat, visceral fat exists between your organs and torso, underneath your abdominal muscles. An excess of this fat is known as obesity, and a “beer belly” is the indicator of excess visceral fat. Having too much visceral fat leads to heart disease, but it harms more than just the heart. Excess fat, according to the American Heart Association, raises blood cholesterol, raises blood pressure, and can induce diabetes. Excess fat is measured by your Body Mass Index (BMI), which is the ratio of your weight to height squared, in metric (kg/m2). Obesity is defined as having a BMI of over 30, and being overweight is having a BMI of over 25. So, for an example, a six foot tall man weighing over 185 pounds is overweight, and if he is over 220 pounds, he is obese.

The key to reducing visceral and subcutaneous fat is exercise and diet. Eat natural foods that have not been processed, intake the right amounts of vegetables, fruits, and proteins, and do not overeat. Find out how many calories per day fit your lifestyle and stick to that. According to the International Journal of Obesity, at least ten hours per week of exercise is required to lose that fat. Also, shorter, more intense cardio workouts are more beneficial than longer, easier workouts. However, ten hours a week is nothing compared to all of the money and hardship that comes with obesity and the risk factors of heart disease.